I’m ashamed of my home state, my current state of residence, and the electoral college representatives as well as about half of this country.

My husband says I may be overreacting to the results, but I am very scared for so many reasons it’s ludicrous, and I think as a woman I might just have cause to overreact in fear and anger.

This is the only place I feel safe talking about this even a little bit — facebook is a disaster and I don’t want to divide myself from friends and family even if we do have different views.  Here I hope you’ll forgive me for having this convo but I’ve got to get out at least the basics.  This is not a place for details because this is not a political blog and I don’t want a huge nasty argument because there’s no point now.

So the basics: I’m offended (and no, not just because I’m a millenial), I’m hurt, I’m scared for myself in many ways, I’m scared for the kids Chris and I want to have some day, and I’m scared for other women and people of color and people with disabilities.

I can sit here and not do anything and try to ride it out and hope that things get better in 4 or 8 years, but when does that attitude help anything?  Action makes change.  This is my second small action (my first was voting, in the primaries and yesterday’s election), just expressing myself a little bit.  I want to take more actions and maybe I will, but that will not be documented here.

I want my readers, especially the ones overseas, to understand that I do not support what has happened.  I do not want to argue with anyone, it wouldn’t do any good on either end.  I just want to say how I feel because how I feel matters.  I matter.  No matter what other people say.  And I will fight to make sure that other people understand that my voice matters.

OK, that’s all I can handle, thanks for stopping by.  Back to our regularly scheduled happy crafting.



  1. Bless your heart, dear one. We see things differently, you and I. Yet I can still embrace you with cyber hugs and let you know that life isn’t always fair or kind. I, myself, have had a great many disappointments over the years where politics have been concerned. Absolutely rocked my world AND my mental health. Even so I have survived and so have my millenial children and my very young grandchildren. I worry about life in the future for my girls and my grands. It is frightening. I just hold onto my Faith in Jesus Christ ever so much the more tighter. I am still looking forward to great things in spite of it all. Thank you for being who you are and taking solace in us here. 🙂

  2. Lochlan Stuart says:

    Ditto everything you said. I send you hugs.

  3. You are not alone. I don’t know what this means about our country, but I do know it means that the time for complacency and assumptions is gone. All of us have to fight the evils that were so present in this election, and hold the new president and all who supported him accountable to the ideals of our best selves, and at the same time, do our level best to live those ideals. If the popular vote tally holds, it means there are more people who did not support what Trump offered than who did. I have to believe that means at least a little.

    The hardest part, at least for me, is not losing sight of the commonalities we all share in the face of our vastly different visions and choices for our country’s future. I am trying to find comfort in the knowledge that there are many who share my worries and fears, and the belief that we all have a role to play in charting a better path forward.

    • Thank you for your response Kathleen. It’s good to know I’m not alone, and I agree that the popular vote does mean something. And I appreciate your inspiring words about us all having a role to play together. Thank you.

  4. nicolaknits says:

    Hannah, I’m with you. Gobsmacked by the result and not able to see how this can be good in any way. You can say what you like on your blog – it is, after all, your personal platform to share your thoughts and opinions and not worry whether they are acceptable to others. Sending my sympathies over the border from Canada.

    • Thank you! I was not much surprised that the Canadian emigration site crashed. I’ve seriously considered it myself (and I’d also get to wear my knitted & crocheted items a lot more, hehe). I wonder though if I should just try to make things the best I can here, and not run from the challenge but fight for what I believe in.

  5. I agree, sympathize, & pray for a better future. As a dear friend said, change thru politics, morality, & love — not the hate that abounds now.

    • I agree. I actually immediately remembered my favorite YouTuber who’s currently raising money to build 3 schools in Ghana. I think I’ll support her fundraiser to spread love and kindness because it’s something I can do right now for people who need it. Even if it’s not helping within the US itself, kindness coming from someone in the US can help how others see us, and that’s very important too.

  6. i am with you, too, hannah. freaked out is putting it mildly. scared, furious, outraged…!
    looks like we’ve finally ripped the bandage off now, and we can see the extent of the big, ugly festering wound in this country. it’s really, really bad; how can we ever heal it? we have to try, though–giving up is not an option. may God/dess help us–we will, and do, need it!

  7. Please don’t feel that you are alone – there are a lot of people here in the UK who will understand your feelings right now, and sympathise with you. Let’s hope that the days to come bring some more moderate thoughts and actions.

    • Thank you. You know I’ve always wanted to live in the UK, haha. To be honest though it might feel like running away from problems here if I left the country. Problems that I can try and help fix with those more moderate thoughts and actions, you’re exactly right, that’s what we need.

  8. I am so with you. I woke up crying this morning (worst birthday ever). This country has never really been great, but it was slowly on it’s way, now we are going back at least 50 years, and I’m truly afraid for this country for the first time.

  9. cecile chappell says:

    I agree with your feelings. I am 67 and still afraid of what may come with someone I consider a bully and not my values at all. All I can offer is try and stay as calm as we can and pray. What else can we do? Cecile


  10. Thank you, Hannah… You have eloquently expressed my feelings today.
    Always be the loving, compassionate, caring person that you are… And unafraid to speak up for Love.
    You are not alone.
    Pat T.

  11. The creative pixie says:

    Everyone I’ve spoken to are shocked by the election results in the US (I’m in Belfast, Northern Ireland).I also worry about what the future holds but I hope that he proves us all wrong and does a good job as president and doesn’t put the rest of the world in danger.

  12. I agree with you whole heartedly! I’m stunned by how people on Facebook are acting…..acting like him with rude comments. I’m terrified of what will come of all this. Does this mean he will hack off all international presidents, prime minister or even the pope? If so, what happens to my international travel? Looks like Russia may be the only place to visit!
    One scared American

    • Jill, you are so right. The stuff coming from Trump supporters that I’m seeing on Facebook is sickening. Stuff like graffiti in schools with swasticas telling African Americans to go back to Africa, stuff like that. I’m just proud of all of the like-minded people on facebook calling for us to be brave together and fight for what we believe in, not sinking to the hate but spreading love. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he pissed all of the other leaders of the world off. Well, if we travel to Russia I can wear all the stuff I knit and crochet… 😐

  13. Hi Hannah,
    Here in Australia we watched the whole process with as much shock and dismay as you. Australia has many similar problems with our political system and underlying sexism and racism bubbling to the surface with alarming regularity. It is my hope the world will start to take a good hard look at the direction we are all heading in and reach out to love and unity as a protest to hate and division. Many hugs to you and your fellow country men and women.

  14. My exact thoughts all day. I’ve tried to just post beautiful pics on instragram and Facebook to try to drown out all the ugly. It hasn’t worked so I guess I will be off Facebook temporarily. It terrifies me to think of what he will do to ruin international travel. His mouth needs a filter and I’m afraid he will hack off every president, prime minister, king, queen and even the Pope in almost every country in the world. It seems Russia may be our only ally and I doubt that lasts long!

    One scared American

  15. Same here: Frustrated and tired and disappointed that this is who people want. Trying to understand. However – love trumps hate! Hang in there. Hugs, Carina.

  16. How the hell did that happen? Do you think he bought his victory and fixed the vote? This all beggars belief. I fail to see how anyone could vote Trump ,they must really hate Hilary. Sending best wishes across the pond, but I am fearful along with everyone else.

    • They do really hate Hillary. I’ve been starting to see some articles come out as to why Americans voted for him in such numbers, but the psychology of it is still emerging. I am sorry that this has caused you and others across the world fear as well, and I totally get why. Hugs from the US!

  17. I think we have all been surprised and dismayed by the results. I would never have thought such a person could become president. It does point out areas where we have failed as a government to take care of business. So hopefully everyone can see these areas and find one in which they can work to make our country great and pray that the cabinet that he chooses is filled with wise men/women who will keep him in line.

    • Yes, we will need the Cabinet members to be sensible, as well as the SCOTUS appoitments he will make (there are around 106 positions to fill, if not as a Supreme Court Judge then something close). That scares me too.

  18. Hi Hannah,
    It really is unbelievable that those two are that all America can put forward. I do feel for you and we will just have to see what happens. The party probably cannot believe it themselves and now they have to perform.
    LOVE trumps HATE. Love it Carina
    Lots of love Sheonagh Nedlands
    Western Australia

  19. Irene Porter says:

    Hi Hannah, I’m in London, UK. I can’t believe it. What with Brexit here as well, I feel the worlds slipped into an alternative universe. Or maybe the butterfly effect has happened. I stayed up all night watching with horror as it unfolded. My fear is for what this might mean for the world as well as the US. I’m 75 so it’s my children and grandchildren I’m fearful for.

    • You are so right Irene. I don’t have kids yet but this makes me question whether I should or not, which is sad because I do want to. It’s very scary that this has such a far reaching effect as to make others such as yourself feel the same way about the way the world may be heading. Cyber hugs!

  20. You must remember that God is in control, always.

  21. I haven’t head a single person rejoicing about the result here in England, in fact it’s been a huge shock to many. Apparently our political commentators covering it overnight looked as if they either wanted to be sick or cry when the results came in, but today is a new day and we’ll have to wait to see what happens next year.
    Hugs Hannah.

    • Wow. Yeah I totally cried myself, multiple times. While we can wait a bit for Trump himself (which is agonizing when he’s posted his plan for his first 100 days in office), citizens are already acting out his sexist & racist views (for example, school bathrooms and outdoor facilities have already been vandalized with swastikas and things like “go back go Africa, n******!” I’m afraid the groundwork has to start now to fight this and make an effort to spread love and kindness and acceptance.

  22. Robin Renee Tutt says:

    We all have to work together in our communities PEACEFULLY by lending a hand to each other and taking care of one another, being respectful and courteous. THIS is what will squash all the divisions we need to overcome. Our country is not as old as others and seems to be headed in many directions at once, not all of them good. But I believe in my heart we will be better off if government is smaller and has less say in our daily lives. There will be other elections. We have to understand we won’t always like the outcome; but we’ll survive and continue to move forward, to something better. We must always place our trust in God, not ourselves. Sending hugs and love to you.

  23. I know exactly how you feel, Hannah. I feel the same way. Disappointed in my State, my America. Disappointed in the 53% of white women who voted for this man. I just hope and pray that the things we have fought so hard to change, are not taken away. He will be under a microscope by all and 2020 can’t come soon enough. Hang in there. I am praying for us all.

    • I know, I couldn’t believe that 53% of white women statistic. It feels like the whole world has just lost it. I also am afraid that rights and liberties so arduously worked for & recently achieved will be revoked. Cyber hugs to you my friend!

  24. Jenni Moss says:

    Hannah, join the Facebook group called “Pantsuit Nation”. You’ll find your people there. I’m totally with you on all this.

  25. Je compatis de tout coeur.
    May the force be with you.


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