PurlSoho hat: ta-da!

The pattern was the Classic Cuffed Hat but I didn’t do the cuff, so I can’t call it by it’s actual title, hehe.

Classic Hat | Not Your Average Crochet

The hat is made of 105 yds of PurlSoho’s Merino Script yarn (aran weight, 100% merino) in colorway 1530 Ice Blue.

Classic Hat | Not Your Average Crochet

I made some changes in the pattern, though; obviously I didn’t make the cuff, so the brim is 2″ instead of 4″, and I also worked the brim flat, joining in the round only when I started on the body of they hat.  This split brim goes at the back of the neck and makes it a lot easier to pull the hat low over the head and ears without bunching/pushing up at the back.  I also had to go up a needle size, using sizes US 6 & 8 instead of 5 & 7 (which I did try first but was too small — my last PurlSoho project had a tighter gauge as well, perhaps I should just start going up a needle size with all their patterns).

Classic Hat | Not Your Average Crochet

And finally, I made a couple of pom-poms to put on top, but I can’t decide which I like best.  Faux fur poms are all the rage right now, apparently, but I don’t have any and I think these are super cute:

Classic Hat | Not Your Average Crochet

The pink one was made of KnitPicks Comfy Worsted and the light blue was made of KnitPicks Stroll Glimmer.  Maybe I’ll leave the tails long and just tie them onto the top of the hat with the bow on the inside, then they can be interchangeable.  Or maybe I can put safety pins on them and change them out that way.  What would you suggest?

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiufl. I like the Pink one (of course), but making it so that they can be changed out is a good idea too 🙂


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