recuerdos de infancia crochet shawl: ta-da!

Using 691 yards of Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace Paints (colorway 9989) and a US E hook, my Recuerdos de Infancia shawl is complete!

recuerdos de infancia crochet shawl

recuerdos de infancia crochet shawl

recuerdos de infancia crochet shawl

recuerdos de infancia crochet shawl

This was a fun shawl to make, just like the first one I made years ago in sock weight yarn.  I’m really happy with this, and this yarn is SO SOFT.  Like, so soft it was hard to tie off the ends because the knots were so silky.  I’m impressed, but this is 100% Alpaca.

Can’t wait until it starts to get cooler so I can actually wear this, but it’s still averaging 90 degrees (F) every day (although I must say after the weeks of 100+ this almost feels nice).

Well that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your shawl came out beautiful and I love the yarn color! :). Great job on it!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I can believe that it is silky soft


  3. nicolaknits says:

    Such a pretty shawl. Great job!


  4. I made a similar shawl in alpaca and it is so light in weight that you hardly know you are wearing it but it is really snuggly at the same time. Your version is absolutely gorgeous 🙂


  5. So beautiful! And it looks so lovely on you. Such a gorgeous pattern. Great job!


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