what’s on the bookshelf? crochet edition

I haven’t gone through my crafty books lately so I decided to look through and share with you at the same time!  Here’s my modest collection of knitting & crochet books:

Hannah's Crafty Books

Today I’m just doing the crochet books.  I’ll get to the knitting ones another time!  First up:

Creepy Cute Crochet

Creepy Cute Crochet is super awesome.  My ex got it for me but I still love it.  I’ve made many of the items, including the vampire princess, the Dia de los Muertos couple, the corporate zombie, and more (and I ad-libbed a Bobba Fett for Chris a long time ago).  They’re fun, quick, and adorable!

Creepy Cute Crochet Nosferatu


Creepy Cute Crochet Ninja


These pamphlet like little booklets were from my grandma:



The next one was from the mother of my ex:

The Great Afghan Book


The Great Afghan Book is pretty old fashioned, but I loved the cover image — that’s the only blanket I’ve made out of this in the years that I’ve had it.  Here is a sample of some of the other blanket patterns inside:

The Great Afghan Book blankets


Next is Super Stitches Crochet, which I’m scared to use to make my own patterns and write up for you all because I don’t want to break some sort of copyright rule (can anyone enlighten me on this?  It seems very vague to me…):

Super Stitches Crochet


And here are a couple of examples of what you can find inside:

Super Stitches Crochet example


Super Stitches Crochet edgings


The next one, The Cool Girl’s Guide to Crochet, is the book I taught myself with years ago.  In fact, the hat pictured was my first crochet project (only mine was all wonky)!

The Cool Girl's Guide to Crochet


The Cool Girl's Guide to Crochet hat


The Cool Girl's Guide to Crochet mitts

The next one has a long name so I just call it 201 Crochet Blocks in my head.  It has an alphabet, flowers, blocks, other shapes, and full projects as well, and I’ve used it quite a few times over the years:

201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects, and Ideas


201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects, and Ideas example

201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects, and Ideas example


201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects, and Ideas example


Next is Amigurumi! which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t used once.  Chris got it for me years ago but I just don’t really have anyone to make little amigurumi toys for!  My friend that’s having a baby might like some but I’m sure she’ll get so many toys from well wishers that she’ll be wanting to get rid of some, not acquire more, hehe.



Amigurumi! deer

They have animals, people, food, and more cute things!

Amigurumi! Strawberry

The last one I want to share today is called Crocheted Socks! and I’ve only made one pair from it — I didn’t like them because they were harsh on my feet.  I thought maybe knitted socks wouldn’t be so uncomfortable…

Crocheted Socks!

These first socks pictured represent the pattern I tried and disliked, but perhaps if I’d used softer yarn… I dunno…

Crocheted Socks! example


Crocheted Socks! example


Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll do a post on my knitting books, and maybe another post on the books that have both knitting and crocheted items inside.  See you soon, thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoyed this list!





  1. I have seen a few of these books. I like to check crochet books out from the library and actually decide whether I want to buy it first. You get to try out so many designers.


  2. I was really disappointed in crochet sock patterns: they never turned out the way they were supposed to, even with the right yarn and hook size… but… I found Granny Rose slippers by Drops Design here: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/us/pattern.php?id=5540 – and they turned out to be so adjustable and easy to make that I crocheted 6 pairs of different colours and sizes in a week. And have several content friends and family members now.

    Amigurumis are a really great present for babies. Due to the peculiarities of stitches, they help to improve fine motor skills. I also save cherry bones, boil them a few times to clean and then dry completely: they make awesome filling that can be microwaved for warming up on chilly winter days.

    A biased amigurumi fan 🙂


  3. Being a real bookworm, I enjoyed this pist! Thanks for sharing



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