bought lots of yarn…

KnitPicks had (and may still have) a promo code that gave you a free ball of Chroma with a $25 purchase, so I took advantage of that (I’ve never tried Chroma, have you?).  I bought yarn to crochet the Coming Up Roses Hat, and whatever’s left I’ll use to knit a Totoro Hat.  Dunno what I’ll do with the Chroma yet; depends on how soft it is, etc.  Here are the colors of Comfy Worsted and Comfy Worsted Heather Special Reserve that I purchased:

imageimageI got more than I needed but I wanted to play with the colors in person before choosing the pinks in particular.  This is the Chroma colorway I got for free (called Sugar Cookie):



That’s all I’ve got for today.  I haven’t done much for the past few days (as far as yarncrafts go) but I’ve got an idea for a future crochet blanket that I already have yarn for and a few other things, as well!  I’m gonna have so many WIPs…  How many do you usually have?

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


  1. nicolaknits says:

    Very lovely yarn. The Comfy is so soft. Haven’t tried the Chroma but I love the colour gradient. I have two WIPs right now and try to keep it to three or fewer, or I feel pressured!

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  2. Sara Crafts says:

    I got the free ball of Chroma, too! I chose “Weather vane,” a blue/turquoise gradient. I’m still trying to decide what to make with it. Can’t wait to see what pattern you go with!


  3. Estelle says:

    There’s a terrific-looking pattern using Chroma fingering for a crocheted hat on Ravelry called the Very Versatile Striped beanie at that looks like it’d be great.


  4. Inspiring Crochet says:

    Beautiful colours! Looking forward to seeing them in your future projects 🙂


  5. Three at the moment, well two really because I’m not sure about one of them. I also have many other things in mind, when I finish my motif blanket. I’m planning to redo a border on one of my old makes….sometime, when I’ve had fun making whatever I fancy spontaneously.


  6. Beautiful yarns! Love the Sugar Cookie. I only have 1 knitting project going. A scarf that has been sitting unfinished for some time. But cross stitch WIP’s…Oh my, I think I am up to about 8 or 9 now.


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