5 yarn shops to visit on Etsy (& 9 I want to try!)

5 yarn shops to visit on etsy

Shops you should visit:

Supernatural Yarns

I purchased book/movie themed yarn from this store called “Effie – Nymph Sock” and it was great — no knots, soft, lovely colors.


I purchased multiple yarns from this store, the “lace merinosilk,” the “lace supersilk,” and the “BFL sporty DK,” all of which are lovely.  The silk in particular is super-soft, and the dyes for all of them are beautiful.  No knots.

Dye For Yarn & Dye For Wool

This is kind of two for one, but these shops are run by the same lovely ladies (who provide excellent customer service, by the way — like for realsies, they are SO nice).  I’ve used their “merino/babycamel” fingering weight yarn and it is SO soft, SO gorgeous, and I liked it so much I’ve used it in a giveaway (and there’s more where that came from — stay tuned for more of that this year!).  Oh and no knots!

Ruth Plus Two

From this fellow blogger I have purchased some cute stitch markers, but I’d love to try the yarn too!

Brazen Stitchery

This shop has moved to it’s own domain but you can find it through the remaining Etsy shop.  I purchased another book/movie themed yarn from them, their “District 12” sock yarn, and it was soft, warm, and nice to use.  And no knots.

Shops I want to try:

KnitCircus Yarns

I really want to try their gradient yarns, they’re really pretty!

Two Black Sheep Yarn

Again, gorgeous gradients.  I want them all.

Ozifarmer’s Market

Not only do they have gorgeous gradients, but I’ve heard the yarn quality is really nice too!


Beautiful, giant gradients!

V Yarn

Geeky themed colorways, including Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and many more!

Kettle Yarn Co.

These just look like gorgeous colors.  Love!

We Will Tell You All of Our Secrets

The colorways are pretty, and the maker designs great patterns too!


Run by another fellow blogger, this store has some brands I’ve been itching to try!

Natali Sterwart Hand Dyed Yarn, Fiber, & Textiles

Lovely dark gradients and colorways.


So have you tried any of these stores before?  I’d love to know if you’ve tried any yarns from any of the stores listed, particularly the ones I’m wanting to try!  Are they good?

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


  1. I recommend We Will Tell You All of Our Secrets. I test knit for Caitlin and have used the Bulky and DK yarns. Restless Nostalgia, her latest shawl, I used the DK Weight yarn and loved working with it. She has some awesome patterns as well.


  2. missbezsays says:

    Really, really useful – I’m always hunting for new yarns…


  3. Hi Hannah 🙂 Thanks for the shout-out. Your readers can use the coupon NOTYOURAVERAGE10 at ruth plus two (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ruthplustwo) for a 10% discount on purchases over A$30 (approx. US$24) until midnight 30 June (AEST). The Australian dollar is down against the the USD at the moment so my pricers will be getting cheaper for overseas customers. I’ll be doing a stocking in the next few days. x


  4. Hey Hannah!! Thanks for the round up, it is very tempting … I want to try the merino silk blend soon … These yarns all sound like something I want to try lol 🙂


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