everything you need to know about knitting & crocheting tools/extras

Two weeks ago I posted “everything you need to know about crochet hooks” and last week we learned “everything you need to know about knitting needles.” This info is also from 2011 and is permanently available in the menu bar but I thought it worth revisiting!

extras for knitting and crocheting

stitch markers

Stitch markers have been unnecessary in every crochet pattern I’ve ever attempted — a scrap piece of yarn marks your spot just as well and doesn’t cost you extra.  They’re much more useful in knitting, at least for me.  They do make markers that look like jewelry if you just want to look pretty, like the glass beaded ones in the tin above.


OK so you do need sewing needles to sew the ends of your yarn into your project.  Just make sure you find some with big enough eyes for your yarn.  The big ones are called tapestry needles.  If you want to get organized you can get a metal magnetic tin for your needles and stitch markers, as seen above.



measuring tape

A cute one is always fun, like the Cath Kidston retractable one above.

needle/hook sizer

Useful if all of your needles or hooks aren’t clearly marked with their size.  The Susan Bates one above is also good for checking knitting gauge!

thread cutter pendants

These thread cutters hang from a necklace so can be kept with you at all times, and they’re very handy.  I totally had to get one because it’s more convenient than digging around for my scissors, and it’s just awesome!  Even works on thicker yarns.  I got the Clover brand.

row counter ring

These are so handy!  Mine is handmade by a woman on Etsy (click here for more info).

wire yarn stranding guide

This ring is specifically for when you are knitting with more than 1 color/ball of yarn at once.  It helps keep the tangles at bay and can be found cheap.

beads (not pictured)

It can be fun to add beads to your crocheted work, but unless the pattern calls for it, I’d stay away from beading!  When you’re crocheting you have to put all your beads for the project on the yarn before you start, because there’s no way to add them as you go along (unless you tie them on with sewing thread or something, but who wants to do that?).  That means you have to count EXACTLY how many beads you will need and TRIPLE check that you’ve put that number of beads on the yarn before starting.


  1. Honestly, I NEED stitch markers. Otherwise my projects go wonky! I’ve tried beading with crochet here and there, but not with much success. I even bought a book that promised some fashionable beaded crochet projects and…it was not fashionable…unless you want to look like a crazy person.


  2. I am newbie in the world of crochet and enjoy reading your tips.
    I have been mainly working on very simple granny blankets so far.
    I really enjoy putting down my knitting needles and exploring the hook.
    I have beaded adding the beads as I crochet and had very nice results. try googling and see if you can find a technique you like.


  3. Great post!


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