help a study learn more about knitters and crocheters!

help researchers learn more about knitters and crocheters!

Hey everyone! There’s a facebook group that has some interesting research going on about knitters and crocheters. I really want to participate and thought maybe you would, too! Here’s what was sent to me:

“Would you like to participate in the Woolly Wellbeing Research project?
This would contribute to a PhD study into the ways women share their knit and crochet online. Do you post to ask for advice or to show images of what you have made? Does it help you manage feeling lonely or to connect with other crafter-friends? Lots of these questions will be the topic of posts as we share together.
To take part, you’ll need to read the Participant Information document in ‘Files’ and then complete a consent form on the pinned post at the top of the page, just so I know you are informed about the project and how your posts could be used. This is a closed group and all posts are confidential between group members. All material will be made anonymous in writing up research.
Just search for ‘Woolly Wellbeing Research Group’ [on Facebook] or click to connect.
Feel free to share!”


  1. Alison Mayne says:

    Reblogged this on Recovered Threads and commented:
    Woo hoo – research supported by ‘Not your average crochet’! 140+ joined already


  2. Sanderella's says:

    No thanks, but thanks anyway. 🙂 I think just by looking at some of the photos/captions in my own feed…and I am not going for a PhD, it is pretty easy to ascertain who is looking and who is sharing. Know what I mean? Additionally, much of it is to drive traffic for hopeful clicks on affiliate ads, and too most of the all knowing information has been around for hundreds of years.

    Lastly, I have joined a few groups and every single moderator has stressed no drama, no praying, no this, no that….and it comes up and around! Lol!! I really don’t know what part of ‘no’, some of these members don’t understand.

    I think the hopeful PhD student could join any group and write a thesis on the subject quite efficiently. My personal opinion only and I say it honestly and in kind. Best wishes with that research and study!


  3. Reblogged this on Craftmanic Mommy and commented:
    I joined this community on FB and it is just so fun!!! Join in my fiber stitchin’ lovers!


  4. mgordway says:

    sorry if there are two entries for me — my computer is misbehaving. Don’t know if you still need people but otherwise I’d love to participate. But didn’t find the “files” part though!



  1. […] in the Wooly Wellbeing Research study. “This would contribute to a PhD study into the ways women share their knit and crochet […]


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