CAL: week 13

Week 13 is already upon us!  Are you ready to dive in?  Let’s get started, and remember we’re using US terms!

Last week we finished with row 94:


row 95

With new color, hdc across.

rows 96-99

With 2 new colors, work the Catharine wheel pattern (click here for original instructions).  Here’s a picture so far:


row 100

With new color, dc across as instructed in the original Catharine wheel instructions.  You might want to count your stitches here, just to be safe.

row 101

With new color, hdc across.

row 102

With new color, dc across.  Here’s this week’s rows all together:


Don’t forget to weave in those ends!  For me it really does help make the whole blanket more manageable when I don’t have ends getting tangled everywhere, which is becoming more important as our blankets grow in size.  This week I don’t have a picture of the whole blanket — again I forgot to stop crocheting in time and didn’t remember until I was a couple more rows in, and I can’t give that big of a spoiler away!  😉

Can you believe we’ve done over 100 rows now?  That’s a lot of stitches.  I know that a few of you aren’t too fond of working the Catharine wheels, but I hope that the other fun stitches compensate adequately!

That’s all for this week — thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! Just got these written down for a long car journey to Glasgow to see my brothers. Still got last weeks to do so I won’t be bored! Thanks 😀


  2. This is looking so pretty with all the different patterns and colours. I made a baby sized blanket so I have finished now but miss joining in was thinking about starting another one. Do you think I could join in this week or would I be better going back to the last granny stripe week and catch up from there?


    • Join in whenever you like, this week would be fine! I’m glad you like it enough to make a second one.


    • Are you meaning for the last granny row to be your beginning row? Just curious, I wondered if the pattern would work by using using a different row other than the one in the pattern. I am trying to learn how to adjust patterns and how to put some patterns together, I have learned that stitches with the same multiples don’t always work out. I have several stitch pattern books, where you learn stitches and then the book says, you can create your own blanket with several different stitches by matching the multiples. They usually tell you that all wont work together even if the multiples are the same. I would pay even more for those books if they gave more patterns. 30 stitches and and 2 or 3 patterns per book does not wet my appetite anymore. But I am curious if you mean to start your foundation from a different area in the blanket, and then following the rows that come after that granny. Thanks.


      • I think I understand your question correctly and sympathise with the frustrations you are having with pattern writing, it really is not easy is it. I have been following this CAL for a good few weeks now but I only started with 120 stitches as I wanted a baby sized blanket so I am now at about the right size so am going to stop now. I was asking Hannah if I could join in again startin with the latest week or if she thought it was better that I start in a similar place to where the original pattern started i.e. the granny stripe. Hannah’s advice is that I can start at any point in the pattern for a second blanket. I have often wondered if there is a computer program we could buy to help with making patterns but I have never found anything, Will keep looking though. Hope this answers your question, if not give me a shout.


  3. I love the Catherine Wheels! I think I have one more week then the blanket will be the size I want it, so I’ll have to decide whether I want to start another too 😄


  4. Lisa Nolen says:

    I adore this blanket more and more as we progress. Thank you so much for giving of your time to share the ‘sew-along’. It helps keep me motivated to know I’m sewing along with so many.


  5. I love the Catherine wheel stitch. So pretty.


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