a hat for a friend

Today I started knitting a hat.  A couple hours in and I’m still working on the ribbed band because I had to start over — the pattern writer stated that she knits very loosely, and since I knit tightly I had to go back add 8 stitches (even after switching up a needle size).  The hat is for my friend Tara, who is the girl I work with on the food truck most often.  She’s been very kind and patient (not to mention fun and hilarious), and she’s the one who pushed the big boss to hire me in the first place, even knowing that I’ve had very little food service experience.  I like to think that we’ve also become good friends, which means I have TWO close friends that are girls that live within an hour and a half’s drive.  This is exciting for me, even though I’m probably moving soon about an hour down the road in the opposite direction from them both.  Because I have so few friends, the ones I have mean a lot, and so I want to show them that I appreciate their friendship.  Hence knitting the hat for Tara with no particular occasion in mind.

Although it’s averaging a high of about 87 degrees Fahrenheit most days, that’s pretty cool for a South Carolina summer.  Many weather experts agree that this means we’ll be in for a colder winter than normal.  I am grateful for this because last year I barely got to wear any of the items I had knitted/crocheted because anything more than a light scarf was too hot.  The impending cold season, however, will not be so fun for Tara when she has to work on the food truck (or me, if I’m still here then) because the truck doesn’t have heat.  This means when we’re not cooking but just sitting waiting to open between shifts, it will be incredibly cold.  Tara had said that she doesn’t have a warm hat that will stretch down to cover her ears, so I’m making her one out of 100% alpaca yarn that will.  I hope she likes it!

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    What a thoughtful gift, I’m sure she will appreciate it. Alpaca felts if you even look at it cross-eyed, so make sure she knows not to toss it into the washing machine.


  2. Lovely hat pattern. I love making things for friends. Btw how is your foot?


  3. Hilary Adams says:

    Your friend will love her new hat! Alpaca is so light and warm. You have friends in all of us who appreciate you sharing your talents and creativity. My husband and I are living in Veliky Novgorod, Russia until the early part of Dec. So I won’t start my blanket until I get home. In the meantime, I’m having such a fun time keeping up with your progress. I will be happy to see everyone else’s when they are finished, too. Hilary


  4. Tara is sur to love this cosy hat and it will be a constant reminder of your friendship which is so lovely.


  5. Thanks for sharing your project, the link and the commits. I love gray because it is a great neutral color. I know your friend will love this present.


  6. Lovely choice of hat pattern. One I’ll definitely pin to my to do list. Lovely slouchy shape.


  7. A hat with a dual purpose 🙂 Slouchy for the very cool look and pull down over the ears for warmth. I’m sure she will love the hat. You are a sweetie to make it for her.


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