how the CAL will work

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to give some specifics on how the crochet-along will go down, since we’re only 11 days away!

Firstly, to give good instructions and make sure everything is just right, I’m going to be a week ahead of everyone else.  I didn’t want to do it that way, but it works best since there’s no written pattern yet.  This way I can show you exactly how to do what I’ve done by posting instructions and pictures.  Also, since the blanket will be made up as we go along, that will give me the chance to make sure everything is just right before passing it on to you!

And, as you know, this is the yarn I will be using:

my yarn

my paletteIt’s Stylecraft Special DK, a soft acrylic yarn.  I will be using an H/8/5mm hook with it.  The pattern will be the same for everyone, regardless of your yarn choice or hook size or blanket size, because I’ve done the maths correctly and the beginnings and ends of all of our rows will be exactly the same!

I’ve decided to make a throw blanket 50″ or 127cm wide and about 76″ or 193cm long.  That’s basically the size of a twin/single bed blanket, just not quite as long.  Check out the chart on this site to see standard mattress and blanket measurements for all mattress sizes.

There  will be a weekly post with instructions for the next few rows sometime every Saturday (beginning on June 1).  Most of you were happy to do even more than 6 rows a week, but a few people won’t have quite the time for so many (especially those making very large blankets), so we’re going to go for just 4 to 6 a week (depending on the pattern).  The weeks with difficult stitches will have fewer rows, at least at first.  If that is too fast for you for any reason, please go at your own pace!  I don’t want to rush anyone and the instructions will still be there in the CAL category for you whenever you find the time.  In fact, when the CAL is over, I will compile all the posts with the instructions and pictures into one permanent pattern page that will be available in the menu bar for easy access.

Is there anything I’ve forgotten to mention?  Any questions you have?  Oh, I’m so excited!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am very excited to see your progress! I have too many unfinished afghan projects currently (7) so I do not want to begin another one just yet, otherwise I would be totally geared up for this CAL. Instead, I’m going to sit back and enjoy reading about it 🙂


  2. Ditto the goddess’s comment re: watching it unfold


  3. can’t wait! Called the yarn store this weekend, they swear my backordered yarn will be in by Tuesday, so I will be good to go. If they are wrong, it is good to know you have paced it out so I can catch up.


  4. Hi Hannah. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award! I was lucky enough to have my blog nominated and it’s a pay it forward rolling award. I absolutely know I’m cheating by including you as you have 202 followers (supposed to be under 200), so I won’t be offended if you don’t take part. I just wanted to acknowledge that I love reading your posts! More info at X


  5. Thank you for going to all of the effort to organise this, I cannot imagine how much hard work you are busy putting in to make this possible! I can’t wait to get started 😀


  6. Hi Hannah,
    I am still desciding on my colors but I will be buying yarn before the first. I want to promise myself to keep up with each post once the CAL starts but I crochet slowly and I have my crocheting and sewing to do for my business. I will do my best.
    BTW I am excited to do this CAL and will be blogging about it. I have begun the post and hope to have it up on Th 05-30.
    Ta Ta Cathy, the Bagg Lady


  7. I should have listened to you and bought the yarn when you reminded me! Today, the colors I wanted were sold out (except for three …). Hence, I will not be able to do 6 rows in the first week, but 3 … while waiting impatiently for the order I placed.
    But THEN I will make up for the lost time in the second week 🙂


  8. Hello! My friends and I are going to start this project this weekend! We are very excited! How much yarn did you buy (how many yards per skien and how many skiens)?? I know there are variations on the pattern, but I’m curious as to how much you bought for your blanket. Thanks!


    • I’m so glad you and your friends are joining in! As for my yarn I’m using 11 skeins of DK weight yarn (one is being saved for the border, so really 10 right now). The yarn I’m using is 100 g and 295 m. I’m using an H/8/5.00mm hook and I’m hoping my skeins will be enough to make a throw sized blanket. I hope that’s helpful for you!



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