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I haven’t been working on any projects this week other than tidying up the apartment.  It’s gotten SO BAD — I’d be embarrassed to have people over.  With tidying comes yarn organizing, too, of course.

giveaway binThis new bin is full of projects to give away.  It’s full but can be squished down to add more.  Now that these items are in this bin and not in my yarn drawers, I have room in the drawers for the yarn that’s been in bags on the floor.  Now I just need a place for this bin…




As you might also not be able to see if you’re using your phone, the countdown widget says we have 17 days to go until we start the CAL!  I hope you’ve ordered any yarn that needs to be shipped to you by now, just to make sure you get it in time!  This is very exciting, and I’m 95% sure I’ll be making a throw sized blanket.  This way I’ll actually have a blanket for my couch that isn’t super-huge, and I’ll have extra yarn for any other projects I might want to make later.  If you’re planning on making a bigger blanket, never fear — we’ll still only be going a small number of rows per week.

That’s a good question to ask you all, actually.  How many rows would you like to do per week?  It’ll obviously have to be more than 1 if we want to finish any time this year, but I hesitate to go over 6 since I know some of you will be making bigger blankets and that will take more time.  6 would mean you could just work 1 row a day and have 1 day off each week, if that makes it easier.  What do you think would be a good number?  I’ll try to average your responses so that everybody is at least comfortable.

There are more topics to write about but this post is long enough, so they’ll have to wait.  Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you check out some of those button links!  And don’t forget to let me know how many rows you want to do per week!


  1. As I will be making a kid’s blanket (approx. 47″ x 55″) I don’t mind making more than 6 rows / week.


    • Thanks for the response! You’re the first one to reply so we will have to see if anyone else says anything, but I’m glad you’re willing to do that many rows each week! Maybe others won’t mind either.


  2. I have all of my yarn apart from ‘Aspen’ which was a nightmare to find a match for so I gave in and ordered some off eBay…it should be here tomorrow or Saturday 🙂 I’m making quite a large blanket I think (I haven’t full decided the exact size yet) but I think 6 might be reasonable, I would probably do two rows per night so I had time to work on other projects alongside the blanket as I am planning on making all of my Christmas presents this year so I will be busy!


  3. My current crochet blanket takes me 32 minutes to do one row (it is ridiculously large – a request from my Mum) so I’d be up for one row a day!


  4. Spring cleaning, huh? That is a great bin full of give-aways. I am so bummed that I will not be joining the CAL, but I don’t think that I will be able to fit it in. If I do get some extra time, I will try to join in. But I will definitely enjoy watching your progress and seeing how all of those awesome stitches stitch up.


  5. I still have far too much of my current CAL to so I won’t be able to join you. I was catching up nicely but this week work has made me too worn out to crochet. I will be following your progress eagerly as a blanket like this is definitely very high on my to do list. If you guys test it all out then I will know who to ask when I get stuck 😉


  6. Colleen Aldous says:

    I like the idea of 6 rows a week. This way we can actually see weekly progress, and those of us with other projects can do your CAL in between.


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  8. 6 or more is fine with me.


  9. I love your new look social media buttons. Did you make them yourself? Or are they part of your WordPress theme?



  1. […] the cutest little social media icons on your blog! You can read her blog post about these cuties here. If you read the comments to that post, you’ll see my comment and her response: she got them […]


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