up for suggestions

Hello everyone!  I’m in a bit of a lull as far as my cardigan and other projects are going, so I was wondering if there’s anything else in particular you would like to see me post.


I’ve got some scrap yarn; would you like to see more knitting tutorials or more crochet tutorials?  I’ve got tons more stitch variations and patterns up my sleeves.  Would you like me to talk about/review my favorite yarns?  Would you like to see my latest Ravelry or Pinterest favorites?  Would you like me to do a Crochet Along project?  (By the way, is it Kosher to do CALs with other people’s patterns, or should I stick to my own?  I’ve never done a CAL or KAL before.)  Would you like to get to know me more through a “day-in-the-life-of” post?  I’m open for suggestions.  What do you want to see?

Please comment with any suggestions or questions, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Definitely crochet. Unusual stitches. I hope I’m the only one who votes so I get my choice! Lol
    P.S. It’s ok to use someone else’s pattern for CAL.


  2. I’d love a CAL! I’ve done one once before. I’m pretty sure you do not need to use your own personal pattern, just as long as you link to the pattern or if it’s a pattern for sale that everyone individually purchases it. 🙂


  3. I vote for crochet, please. I love crochet! I haven’t tried knit although I like the look of it. Which do you enjoy most?

    I haven’t looked through your entire blog, but I am working on a hexagon afghan and have discovered that it is difficult to find tutorials on joining that is NOT join as you go. And most of the tutorials for joining are for squares. I found one very nice tutorial on Youtube, but it did not show in detail for the beginner how to join more than 2 squares. I have since figured it out and it is coming along nicely. However, I imagine that I might not be the only one who encountered the struggle of finding the joining options and how to acheive them. Just a suggestion. 🙂


    • I definitely enjoy crochet most when it comes to relaxing and making things quickly. Knitting is definitely more of a challenge for me. Thanks for the suggestions — I’ll look into joining methods!


  4. Sounds to me like you need to do a small quick project – a big thing like a cardigan can get very tiring 🙂 why don’t you make some hearts in different colours and string them along your bedroom wall? You’ve got some nice reds and yellows in your stash…


    • You’re right, a small project would be just the thing. A garland or bunting does sound nice, and I’ve never done one before. I wonder if my boyfriend would like that as a decoration…


  5. Kosher? Of course it is ok to use others’ patterns, it doesn’t matter surely? I’m using a whole book of Jan Eaton’s for mine – as you know.


  6. I’d love to use some new crochet stitches so would be nice to see what different ones you know 🙂 And, I’d be up for attempting a CAL if you did one!


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