still alive…

Sorry it’s been so long.  I’ve been super-busy and pretty stressed.  As promised, however, I do have a knitting picture for you:

paulieonHere’s my paulie cardigan so far.  The edges are rolling a bit but you get the idea.  It definitely fits and will be perfect once the band with the buttons and buttonholes is added at the end!  Please excuse the dirty mirror and my wrinkled t-shirt.  You can tell I don’t have it all together at the moment.  You can also tell I still haven’t done much work on the cardigan.

My car is fixed, $700 later (shoutout of thanks to my parents for helping a lot).  Took a week, so I’m a bit behind in internship hours now.

This weekend I went to the South Carolina Counselors Association annual conference in Hilton Head.  I was hoping to network and find a job, but not a single resume was passed out.  At least I learned a bit about how to get licensed, and because of that knowledge I’m thinking about moving to Charlotte, North Carolina (which is about 30 minutes away from my town and has higher requirements for licensure, so I’d get more supervision).

While I do like knitting a lot and have been doing a lot of it as of late, I’m still devoted to crochet.  When I come home and want to do something easy, relaxing, and quick, crochet is definitely my fave.  I just haven’t had any good ideas for projects lately, and nothing has really jumped out at me.  Honestly I love the pattern for the ripple blanket, so much I would like to do a third one (first, second), but I don’t really need more blankets and the yarn really does cost too much to make one as a gift.  Not that I don’t like making gifts — I love it — but when it comes to spending large amounts of money, time, and effort on a project I feel like most recipients wouldn’t appreciate everything that went into such a gift.  People like my parents would, but they’ve got so many crocheted items already I’m not really sure they’d want more, haha.  *sigh*  I do love making blankets…

Well, that’s all for today.  Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. stitchscience says:

    Glad your still here. Cardigan looks like its going to be lovely. There is a new crochet magazine out here, simply crochet ,it has some really novel ideas for pieces in it. Check it out if you get a chance. Small projects that could be whipped up in an evening. Nice and relaxing without been two costly in terms of yarn.


  2. your cardi is looking wonderful, it’s such a fabulous feeling when you realise that what you are making actually IS going to look like the picture.
    And I agree with you about making things for other people – it’s awful when the person actually has no idea how much time and thought (and money) went into something. I made something for someone once, and she said, “Thanks, it’s really pretty, where did you buy it?” so she got crossed off my list immediately !


  3. couple of things- glad you are back!! the sweater is really nice – great job! Can’t wait to see it finished! As for blankets – if you really like doing them, then do them. There are plenty of charitable organizations around who would love to have them (or hats, scarves, mittens) donated. If you aren’t already aware of them, try your local homeless shelters, hospitals, schools, churches, or community action agencies. Check out the blog of Robyn Devine at for more ideas.

    Where to get the yarn inexpensively…

    well, if you start to put the word out that you are creating for “charity” you will be surprised at the people who will donate from their stash to you. It can get over whelming…..

    Also, there are plenty of sales around on discontinued yarn that might not be fiber or colors that YOU like, but that others do.

    warning label: this can become addictive. Robyn at She Makes Hats has set incredible goals for herself, far beyond anything I can commit to, but her inspiration has led me to make and donate hundreds of hats. My mom and sister swear I have cleaned out their stashes as much as they want me to, and now I have to locate other sources…. Iyou might run into the same problem.


    • Thanks for the response! I do already donate hats to the local hospital and Goodwill. I’ve actually gotten some yarn donations (very large trash bags full) but I couldn’t use it — it was mostly Red Heart brand, which gives me callouses and rubs my fingers raw (very painful!). I re-donated it to some crafty ladies who don’t have the money for yarn, since it’s hard for me to use. Maybe I could find some other cheap brands that would work, though. I probably just have to hunt for it.


      • That is a bummer about it hurting you, but great that you have a place to pas it on. I wonder if those same places that take hats could use blankets? I know that here there are a few neighborhood houses that do want things like that as well as the hats. It’s all good if it keeps someone warm, adn keeps yoru hands busy, right? 🙂


  4. Hi! A shout out from London!! I have only just visited your blog and I LOVE it! Good job on those cushions and that cardi! I’m used to think I was a good knitter but I have nothing on you! Keep up the good work! xoxo Yasmine



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