I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I posted last — it doesn’t feel like it at all.  I guess it’s time for an update!

Firstly, I got my yarn in for the sweater I’m going to make:


It’s the Silver and Raspberry fingering weight Stylecraft Special acrylic yarn, and it is so soft!  I’m so glad I got this because it was very affordable, it’s deliciously soft, it won’t be too hot, and I can wash it!  I don’t usually make gauge swatches and I really shouldn’t need to with this yarn, but since it’s my first sweater I want to make sure everything is as perfect as possible, so I’m gonna swatch the yarn and wash it before I start.

So now all I’m waiting for to start the sweater is the knitting needle tips that I ordered.  They should be here soon, I think, but there was no tracking number in my receipt so I’m not sure where it is exactly.

I also ordered some blocking mats and T-pins from, and they’ve arrived, but I don’t guess those are really worth pictures.  Can you believe I’ve been crocheting/knitting for years and I’ve never blocked anything?  Hehehe.

I’ve also been working on those knitted socks, but I don’t want to show you yet — I’m saving any pictures for the ‘ta-da’ moment.  I just have a couple more inches to go and then the ribbed cuffs, so it shouldn’t be long.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully when you come back next I’ll have some socks to show you and maybe the beginnings of a sweater!



  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    I wondered what happened, I figured you were busy with school. The yarn is really pretty… and now I feel guilty that I haven’t started mine yet. Yikes!


    • Haha, take your time and we can sorta be really slow knitting partners. I’m sure even though I’ve read the pattern through I’ll end up needing help.


      • Kathryn Rubidoux says:

        I started! I decided to try the cardi first because I can wear that into Spring. I hope to have something to post about on it tomorrow.


  2. Ooh, looking forward to seeing the jumper grow! The colours look great – I really like that silvery-grey, I have a lot of grey in my wardrobe 🙂 it’s so easy to make it look good with a pop of colour!


  3. I love the colours of the yarn!


  4. firt sweater – have a fun time! great colors.


  5. The yarn looks luscious and I will enjoy watching you create this one. I have been knitting for 27 years and have never blocked anything 🙂 I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


    • Really? That’s cool — blocking seems to be a bit of a hassle so I’d only want to do it if absolutely necessary. I got the mats and pins just in case, but hopefully I won’t need them. And 27 years? That’s fantastic! Do you get to the point where you’ve memorized the methods of making things and can just cast on without a pattern?


  6. Yep, Hubby bought me knitting lessons just after we were married and settled into a new town. The little shop was awesome and Jo Alyce was amazing and patient. No, I still follow patterns. I have so many hobbies that by the time I get back around to knitting I have to figure out what would be the best cast on and then probably have to go to a tutorial to refresh my memory. I’m one of those people that usually just remember things for the moment. Especially when using a pattern because it’s there. And I like to knit for babies and children so blocking is really not necessary I suppose.


    • That’s so cool! And I always thought that knitting something for kids would be a good way to get my feet wet, but I don’t have any kids in my family and I don’t know any friends with little siblings. :(. Soon I bet some of my friends will be having kids of their own though, so I probably won’t have long to wait.


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