told you I procrastinate…

Here’s the proof.  Today I did this:

blooming flower back


It’s the back to my blooming flower cushion, the pattern for which is here.  I made the whole back today, stitched it to the front, and I attempted my very first zipper-on-a-crocheted-item:

blooming flower zipper


It’s a little uneven looking when it’s unzipped, but for a first try I’m very satisfied.  Still don’t have a stuffing for it though… I’m considering some of my boyfriend Chris’ white T-shirts because they’re already in the house and available… now the question is whether to tell him that I’ve used them for stuffing or just pretend that they’re lost.  Hmm…


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I’m receiving a new hook to try called sharps. One of the things they show is how to use this sharp hook is to install a zipper. The hook is sharp enough to pierce the fabric part of the zipper and crochet it right into the project eliminating the need to sew in by hand. I’ll let you know more after it gets here.


  2. hahahah good way to hide those shirts he will never look there 😀 Or a place to hide stash! 😀


  3. definitely worth procrastinating over…. 🙂


  4. 😀 I was going to suggest a zip, glad it’s worked. Loving the t-shirt stuffing, that’s the kind of thing that happens to me. I have a great urge to make something so I go right ahead, unable to contain myself, despite the fact I may not have the things I need to complete whatever it is!!


  5. Oh my gosh! It turned out beautiful! And you go girl with putting that zipper in! It looks fantastic. I say stuff it with the t-shirts and don’t say a word.


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