third time, really?

Yep, I started the mitts over, again.  This time, due to the discovery of lovely mitts with no thumb-holes at all over on Häkelmonster.  They looked so toasty, I just had to make some, too:



Yes, it’s basically just a tube, but it’s a toasty tube!  I just whipped up some ribbed rows on size 6 needles and switched to seed stitch on size 7 needles.  This is my first time using the seed stitch, and I’m really pleased.  I wanted a texture that would be very warm, elastic, and easy, and this fit all three.  And if I want to use my fingers, I just roll the top down:



I love it!  I’m thinking about adding some sort of crocheted lacy border on the top edge of the mitt in a cream colored bamboo thread, just for looks.  What do you think?  Would the edging restrict the elasticity?

I’ve also been crocheting.  I’ve got quite a few baby hats to donate now:



I’ve got tons more yarn, but I may take these to the hospital for donation before I leave on my trip on the 18th.  I’m doing most Christmas present exchanges before we leave, as well, so I only have 9 more days to get everybody’s presents!  I still don’t have anything small for my wonderful parents, who are taking me on this trip to England.  I’ve got lots of big things to give them before we leave, but nothing that will fit in my suitcase so that they can open something on Christmas day.  I just keep seeing big or heavy things that they would love!

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Third time is a charm – they look ver nice and cozy!


  2. Very nice! Maybe something crocheted for your parents? Something small you can make quickly: washcloths or slippers or ornaments. I’m sure you’ll find something nice for them before your trip.


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