second time great!

My fingerless gloves are coming along!  Well, glove, in the singular, because I re-did the one I showed you last time and whipped up this instead:



As you can see, I still have to add the thumb part, but thanks to your wonderful suggestions and tips on my last post, I don’t think it should be too troublesome.  I changed the design a bit, making one stitch ribbing instead of two stitches.  I added some length, too, because my fingers are quite prone to freezing and becoming all stiff and raw.  You may ask why I didn’t just make mittens for better finger protection, but these are for my England trip and I need my fingers to take pictures on my phone!  I don’t have a camera anymore, so all my pictures, even on this site, come from my phone.  To use the phone camera, I need heat conductivity, blah blah science blah, so my fingertips have to be readily available.



I think it looks good so far!  I think I’ll make the second mitt before attempting the thumbs — that way there won’t be a break between them and I won’t forget exactly how I did the first one.

By the way, the yarn I’m using is amazing.  I mean, fantastic.  It’s Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca, and the softness is so luxurious!  The only problem with it that I can think of is that it’s so silky that the knots I made at the beginning and end of the mitt had to be reinforced by lots of weaving and more knots, because just one knot kept slipping out!

OK, I’m going to go and start the second one now, I think.  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Your fingerless glove looks really good. By the way, I stopped making thumb holes at all. (There are quite a few examples on my blog: That way I can pull them over my hands or up – just the way I need them to be.


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