crochet shawl: complete!


I finished the crocheted shawl in 3 days, crocheting for hours each day.  It took a surprisingly long time once I got to the longer rows.

Sorry that picture is a little blurry — it was hard to hold my phone steady and far enough away to get the whole shawl in the frame.

The pattern is $6, which, after making the shawl, seems like a lot… While it took a long time, it was pretty repetitive and easy.  Oh well.  Now I have a shawl big enough to wrap around my neck comfortably!  And even though the yarn was all leftover from other projects I think the colors are great!  I can’t wait until it gets cold enough here for me to wear it!


  1. I love the shawl! I made a triangular scarf and I know what you mean about it taking forever as it grows! At least you have lovely at the end of it 🙂 it was definitely worth it!


  2. I LOVE IT! Well done x


  3. It looks great! This is the same one that I made isn’t it? Called Childhood Memories?


  4. Looks lovely.


  5. Sooo pretty! Love love love it!


  6. Very pretty! The colours are great, too! Leftovers can be the best!



  1. […] last shawl I made made me so happy that I want to make another one with different yarn.  I’m using […]


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