back to crochet: following the neon trend

It’s been about 21 days since I even touched a hook, but this yarn was just calling to me:

color’s a little off

It’s Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca yarn, and it is definitely tied for the softest yarn I’ve ever used.  It’s 100% Royal Alpaca wool (220 yds), and it’s worth the $18.50 I paid for at the LYS.  Because of the price, though, I only got one skein, and with just one my options were limited.  With yarn this nice, though, I had to make something wearable.  Neons have had a resurgence of popularity this year, and while at first I thought it was a horrible resurrection of 1980s style, I was pleasantly surprised to see it done tastefully in many instances.  Well, as tasteful as you can get with neon.  Anyway, I thought about making fingerless gloves, but I decided on a hat.  I know I have tons of hats, but I didn’t have a chartreuse one!

this is probably the most accurate portrayal of the real color that I got

As you see, I have a little leftover.  I don’t want to waste it; any ideas of what to do with that smaller amount?

Of course I have to show the hat to you on (although the lighting in my apartment at night is awful):

It’s made in-the-round with hdc, and the edging is sc with the last row sl st.  Hdc is probably my favorite stitch for hats and scarves.  Simple, quick pattern.  I honestly made it a little big because I was terrified of making it too tight or short, which happens with my hats sometimes, even though I was trying it on as I went. I hope it doesn’t stretch too much, but if it does I’ll just roll up the edge — the yarn was too expensive and the hat too soft and pretty not to wear.

I’m sure that since it’s alpaca it will be nice and warm, so I’ll take it on my Christmas trip to England.  Man, my suitcase is going to be full of knitted and crocheted items — I just can’t stop making things for the occasion!

Soon I’ll be introducing another crochet project with you — I’m just waiting for something in the mail.  As soon as it gets here I’ll share with you what I’ll be doing next.  It could take as long as a couple of weeks to get here, though.  Hopefully not.

That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think I should do with the leftovers.


  1. That’s so nice! Cosy and bright – perfect to liven up dull winter days!


  2. A small colour-work sampling on a larger project will be great for that left-over yarn. Or edging or a single stripe (based on the size of your project).

    Great job with the hat! Super simple but ridiculously cute! I just ordered a ton of chartreuse from Knitpicks yesterday. That colour is saying goodbye so I copped 10 skeins. I think the colour is just so beautiful!


  3. Love the hat and like the color too. For the leftover yarn, how about a crocheted or knitted flower for an embellishment for one of your hats or scarves or sweater?


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