current projects

I’ve been working on 2 items, both Harry Potter related (I know, I’m such a nerd).

The first one is the hat Hermione wore in HP7 (pattern here).  It’s really pretty and doesn’t blatantly scream Harry Potter:


My second WIP is more obnoxious, or at least it has the potential to be.  I’m making a Weasley sweater (pattern here), and I’m still unsure of whether or not to add the giant H on the front.  In the movie of course it stands for Harry, but since my name is Hannah it would totally work.  But do I want to be that blatant of a fan?  We’ll have to see.  Here’s what I’ve got so far of the back piece:


And it’s about 14″ from the bottom, so I’m about halfway done with this section:


Can’t wait to make more progress in both of these!  Oh and I also have a sock, but I haven’t touched it in a while:

I managed the provisional cast on toe and then got burned out on how difficult I found it and how slow it was going, so I stopped for a while.

Thanks for viewing my current projects, I’ll update soon!

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