new baby

So I’ve been wanting to get into quilting, and when I told my mom I’d like a sewing machine for my birthday this year, she went ahead and gave me this.  Skeptically, I plugged it in and tried it out, and to my amazement, the motor runs — it works!  Now I’m sure it needs a good tuneup, and it could obviously use some cleaning, but I found a store to take it to that should be able to repair it.  At least, I hope so — this is a Singer model 15 something made in 1949, and it’s been hard to find info on it.  It only does a straight stitch, but that’s enough to quilt, so I’m hoping it will be cheaper to repair than buying a new machine!


  1. Hannah, I believe what you’ve got there is a singer Eye and Trefoils. They were circa 30’s through 50’s. I did a bit of singer digging after I got mine this fall. There should be a serial number underneath that you can check on the singer website. This site shows the types via decals and design.


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