finished the wavy afghan!

Ta-da!  I’m finished, and it took less than a month from start to end!

As stated in a previous post, this afghan was made with Berroco Vintage Chunky yarn, a size J hook, and the double crochet stitch.  And again the step-by-step pattern can be found here, and it’s really easy, so check it out if you’re looking for a project!  Finished dimensions are around 5’6″ tall and 4’10” wide (that’s a rough guess), and took less than three balls of yarn of each of the seven colors.  Yes it was kinda expensive, but that’s how any afghan is gonna be, really, if you use good yarn.  I have some leftover yarn to make Christmas presents with, though, so that’s a bonus!

I’m really proud of this afghan.  I think everything about it is beautiful, from the pattern to the colors to the short time in which it was made!  This is my third [completed] afghan and it took less than half the time my other ones did, which was exciting because it didn’t even have time to get old.

started a crochet ripple afghan

Started this yesterday!  Found a great pattern for a ripple afghan here — this woman makes such cool stuff!  I like the pattern because it’s reminiscent of the old zig-zag afghans our grandmas made without being so… old looking.  Now I did use “vintage” colors — in fact, the yarn is Berocco’s “Vintage Chunky.”  It’s a little expensive but it’s machine washable, very soft, and made of 50% acrylic, 40% wool, and 10% nylon.  Emphasis on ‘very soft.’

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