back to the yarn!

It’s been weird post CAL not having to work to a deadline.  Also weird because I haven’t been crafting much.  The only think I’m working on actively is the bajada shawl/scarf for my friend — she bought the yarn so I want to get it to her ASAP so she can enjoy it.  It’s slow going though; after 3 weeks here’s what I’ve got:

bajada2It will certainly need some blocking before I give it to her, but that’s OK.

As far as crochet goes, I’ve been meaning to get going on a new ripple afghan — baby sized — out of my leftover CAL yarn:

photo 1Yep, I only used half of what I ordered in the CAL.  That’s the great thing about Stylecraft Special DK — I’m always pleasantly surprised that I have so much of it leftover!  Well, as great as it is, I still haven’t started the blanket.  Hopefully soon.  I need the stress relief of crochet.

The stress partially comes from the upcoming move — all the large furniture is being transferred on the 13th, so before that I want to have taken a good number of things already (the wonderful, amazing, fantastic landlord gave us the key waaaaay early).  Before that, though, the new house has to be thoroughly cleaned.  The landlord “cleaned,” but as one of my favorite books says, “no man can clean anything.”  My parents are going to help me clean this Sunday while Chris hacks through the patio jungle here at the apartment with his old chef knife.  On her first trip to the new house, Zero finally discovered that she can smell things outside through the air vents in my car:


She doesn’t like sticking her head out the window — she’s a scaredy cat — so she stood like this, nose glued to the vent, for a very long time.

Looking at lovely yarns I’d like to try using calms me down a bit (so does looking on Pinterest for beautiful and clever decorating ideas).  Check these out.  The first one I’d like to try is called Vinni’s Colours (Nikkim) and was introduced to me via crochetime, and the second one is from Camellia Fiber Company and was introduced to me via one sheepish girl (she’s currently hosting a giveaway for a skein of the stuff, so sign up soon).  I added these beautiful yarns to my ever growing list of things I need to try!  Have you tried them?  What do you think?

Well that’s all for one night — I may try and read some to de-stress, or perhaps I’ll start on that crochet ripple blanket.  Or perhaps I’ll spend my time sitting around wondering what to do until it’s way past time to go to bed, so that I’m nice and exhausted tomorrow for work.  Can you tell I’m a worrier?  I get it from my mom, who got it from her mom.  At least I’ve got a very understanding ear — calling my mom always makes me feel better.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you back soon!

Kitty Ripple #2

My newest project is Kitty Ripple #2, and when finished it will go with #1 to PetSmart to line the kennels of the adoptable kitties.  Here’s my first couple of rows (I’m using the same pattern as last time).  I just wanted to show you the crazy yarn.  It’s totally something old-fashioned but I think it’s fun for kitties.

I say it’s fun for kitties and there’s already dog hair on it.  I’ll have to wash both kitty ripples before I take them in…

back to the hook

Here’s the crochet stuff!  I started something new: a ripple blanket (pattern here)!  It’s not an ordinary ripple blanket though, it’s a little one, and I’m making it to donate to PetSmart!  I noticed on a visit there today that there were some crocheted and knitted little blankets in the kennels of the adoptable kitties, and I asked an associate if I could just bring some in, and he said yes!  I got some cheap, colorful, slightly grandma-looking yarn from Hobby Lobby and started Kitty Ripple #1:

While I was there, I saw some really cute scissors that I had to get, as well:

But as it turns out, they kinda suck at cutting things.  I had to snip a few times to get through my yarn.  They’re pretty to look at, I guess.

Well, I’m going to go work some more on the ripple.  Thanks for stopping by!

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