What a couple of days it’s been!  My car needs a really expensive fix (about half of what the whole car costs, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen there).  In the meantime I’m driving Dad’s truck, but the first day I drove it it sat in the sun too long and the glue holding the rearview mirror on gave out.  Mirror swinging wildly by a cord, today I drove it to the shop to get it fixed.  I was planning on eating afterwards — they said it would be an hour.  It was 2 hours, and I was quite hungry and had been sitting in an uncomfortable chair.  Standing up to go pay, my foot which had been asleep without me noticing completely gave out.  I fell but caught myself against the wall and limped in pain to the cashier desk, wherupon I connected the cashier with my dad via tellephone and had to be led to sit down — my vision went black.  Someone had to drive me and my Dad’s truck home.  Now I can’t really walk at all.  Thank goodness Chris is home from his job and could look at it — he used to be an athletic trainer and so quickly identified what was wrong.  It’s a bad sprain from rolling my ankle.  It doesn’t hurt much unless I try to walk, which is a problem since I had to call my boss and tell him I couldn’t be there tonight and might not be able to go tomorrow.  It’s my right foot so I probably won’t be able to drive, much less stand for hours on end.  What scared me was the blacking out part, because I never actually fainted but my vision was gone, I was dizzy, and broke into a sweat.  Possibly low blood sugar.  Possibly low blood pressure.  Possibly shock from the pain.  It’s happened before but not this bad.  Not sure, but I do know that I was incredibly embarrassed and I NEED to go to work tomorrow.

Wanna see my foot?  Some people think feet are gross anyway, so if you do, look away!


Extra gross, right?  It’s not usually all swollen and multi-colored.  Actually I like my feet when they are normal looking, but this foot is just sad.  In real life it actually looks a bit worse than this, but you get the general idea.

Chris immediately wrapped it in an Ace bandage and put an ice pack on it and elevated it to the arm of the couch I’m currently lounging on.  Now it looks like this:


Now I’m all wrapped up in my cozy blanket (the ta-dah moment of which can be seen here).  It cheers me up and I’m not all tensed and panicky anymore (I freaked out because I was home alone for a bit and was scared I’d black out and not be able to get help).

I may take a nap.  I feel so much better now that Chris is here.  I literally don’t have anybody else that I know of who lives in this town that could help in an emergency.

On the bright side, I’ll have plenty of time to work on the CAL now, and I’m sure glad I went to the laundromat and walked the dog yesterday evening.  Maybe I can even convince Chris to cook me dinner.  He’s taking such good care of me!

Just wanted to let you all into my exciting few hours.  I’ll admit it’s very overwhelming (because there’s tons of other stressful stuff going on at the moment too) but to be honest typing it out gets me to relax a bit more about it.

I’ll talk to you again soon, I expect.  Take care, and don’t let your legs fall asleep and catch you unawares!

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