KnitPicks short interchangeable needle set review

Hello everyone, and happy Halloween!  I’m back from the wedding and honeymoon (pictures to come soon, when I get the professional ones; also thank you for your kind words & congratulations!), and I’m ready for more crafting!

If you’re anything like me you might have often bemoaned the fact that there’s no interchangeable needle set for 16″ needles (at least not from KnitPicks), so if you want to make a hat you have to buy each size in fixed circulars.  UNTIL NOW.  I had only a few KnitPicks fixed circulars in the 16″ size so the Options Short Interchangeable Caspian Needle Set still saved me some money and added some convenience.

The set comes with needle sizes US4-10:

knitpicks short needle set

Right now they’re only available in the Caspian needles, the ones colored with blues & greens, but I figured that would just make it more obvious which needles of mine are the interchangeables and which are fixed (all my fixed are the Sunstruck needles).  On the other side of the included pouch are the cables, cable ends, and keys:

knitpicks short needle set

Like in my original KnitPicks interchangeable needle review years ago, I have to share the pros of KnitPicks needles, just in case you don’t already know!  They are much stronger than cheap bamboo needles (and not really more expensive) and thus will not splinter at the tips.  The tips are also sharper than any other brand of needles I’ve tried, so it’s easier to get into tight or complicated stitches.  The cable joins are smooth, and the cables don’t kink and are very flexible.  My original set of the Sunstruck interchangeable is just as good as new years later, so I’m sure these will be a great investment also.  For $44.99 this is definitely worth nabbing, and hopefully soon they will release additional needles in smaller and larger sizes so that I can add to the set.

Now, to get knitting on some hats for Christmas gifts (yep, it’s definitely that time)!  Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried KnitPicks needles before or if you’ve ordered this set — I’d love to know what you think!

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you soon!

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