needle gauge pendant from Debra’s Garden

I saw someone on Instagram who had one of these from Debra’s Garden and I immediately went to get one.  Much more handy and portable than those giant needle gauges I had before.

needle gauge pendant


I think it’s really cool, it kind of looks like a shell to me.  I got the Champagne color with the heart key ring.  Maybe it will end up on the necklace that holds my thread cutter pendant.  It’s too small to have metric numbers for each one but since I’m an American I’m used to the alphabet sizing.

Just wanted to share that with you guys.  There’s more cool stuff on that website too so click above and check it out!

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old & new

I got something that is both old and new!  It’s technically old but it’s new to me!  I got a new crochet hook, and I found it over on crochetime.  Anyway, it came in today:

It’s made of bone, and it’s actually very small, as you can see by the last pic with it in my hand.  It says size 4 but I haven’t used my little metal sizer thing because I can’t find it…  Anyway, just wanted to show ya’ll this new item!

sharp crochet hook?!

I’ve always wanted to add lacy crocheted edgings to my linens, blankets, etc., but I have never done it before because it seems like such an arduous process.  Well, I just bought a sharp crochet hook from, and I can’t wait to get it and start using it!  It’s literally a crochet hook with a sharp point that will, according to the advertisement, glide straight through fabric so that I can simply make a round of sc right into it.  I really hope it works.  Here’s the video ad so you can see:

I’ll let you know how it works as soon as I try it!  I’m so excited about it!

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