new yarn storage!

I’m still holding to my resolution not to buy yarn, but I said nothing about not buying a decent place to put my stash!  Craigslist has always been my friend for affordable furniture, and it did not fail me here.  Out with the plastic bags that collected dust, out with the flimsy plastic stacks of drawers (although the drawers themselves were recycled here), and in with my new mirrored armoire!


Yarn is mostly organized by brand or specific line in a brand.  Blocking materials and all my needles and hooks are in the drawers.

This is a HUGE improvement on what I had before and it also opens up the bottom of a hutch and an entire desk that had been holding yarn for other storage.  Even though another large piece of furniture makes our house seem a little tighter, it’s much neater and that makes me feel much better.


Do you have a large dedicated storage area for your yarn?  I’d love to hear how you organize!


My Kitty Ripple #1, which is to be donated to PetSmart for their kitties up for adoption, is halfway done.  It’s a little small, but I only bought 2 skeins and this is one of them:

There’s more green in the pictures than is showing up, for some reason, but it does have lots of reds/pinks.

I’ve also got a knitting update: my Hermione hat is coming along nicely:

And the desk that I took these pictures on is new!  I got some new furniture this week, and I’m going for the whole “shabby chic” or “cottage” style, as well as affordability and functionality.  I think I’ve done a good job, so I’ll share with you:

Here’s our new IKEA couch that I got on Craigslist.  I think I’m going to dye the off-white slipcover, because with a dog and a boyfriend it’s not going to stay off-white for very long.  This couch is replacing two old nasty couches, freeing up space and looking nicer.

This new yellow-green side table is beside the new couch, and it replaced a black plastic/metal table.

We needed storage and I had no place to do my homework except spread out on the couch, where the dog loved to walk all over it.  Now, we’ve solved those problems and added a durable and adorable desk to our living room!  I love the teal top!

I had to purchase a light yellow chair for the desk because we don’t have any chairs small enough to fit under it.  I’m hoping to crochet a cushion for the chair soon!

Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a hutch, as well, to replace our DVD stand that’s falling apart and an ugly cabinet we’ve been keeping by the door.  I’m excited about it — I’ll show you next time!

That’s all for today, but hopefully I’ll have more yarny progress soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

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