second filet baby blanket of the season

Here’s that second filet baby blanket I’ve been promising pictures of.  It’s finally finished!  It’s for a friend’s niece named Isabella, for Christmas.  (I barely made it in time!)  The blobs in the corners are supposed to be flowers with leaves, if you couldn’t tell, haha.

My Christmas plans will keep me busy for the next few days — I have engagements with not only my family but my boyfriend’s family as well, which is very extensive and will take many visits to see everybody.  I plan on going to North Carolina to visit friends for a day or two, as well!  I hope it’s just as snowy there this winter!  I know snow’s not good for driving, but SC it still in the 60s and I’d like to get some real winter weather.  It doesn’t even feel like it’s time for Christmas down here, and I haven’t gotten to show off all the hats and scarves and gloves I’ve made since last winter!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a gift certificate to a local yarn shop for Christmas, so hopefully I’ll have some gorgeous pics to share with you throughout January!

Have a very merry Christmas, everyone!

the Internet is my grandma

Oh my goodness, the Internet is like the most awesome grandma ever because it teaches you EVERYTHING about knitting and crocheting!  I just learned about the magic loop method in knitting, where you can just forget about the double pointed needles (which are so cumbersome to work with) and use a giant circular needle instead for all your tubular projects, even socks!  Why didn’t I find this out before I spent my money on 3 different sets of dpns?!  Check out this tutorial video:

Even with this exciting new discovery, I can’t forget my crocheting!  I’ve got a deadline on a filet crochet baby blanket.  I had to make the chart myself, so it’s not the best looking, but for a small baby blanket, what do you think?

Ok so I’m unsure why it looks so terrible once uploaded, but you get the drift, right?  It’ll be similar to the “Noah” blanket I made and put up a few posts ago.  The grey will be the filled in spaces and the white will be the lacy part.  I started at the bottom and am at the first row that has text blocks in it, so I’m about 1/3 of the way finished.  I need to get crackin’!  (And can you believe I’m getting paid for this?  I know, right?!)  I’ll post pictures once it looks good and is more interesting than just a couple of flowers.

filet baby blanket

I made this in a couple of days for a girl at school — she wanted something to give to her new nephew for Christmas!  It’s a little narrow — she wants me to make another one for her niece so I’ll probably add more height to the next one.  In case you can’t tell, it says Noah.  🙂

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