croc hat, try 2

This is my second try with the crocodile stitch hat pattern, found here.  This one was much faster than my first one, probably due to the fact that I actually used worsted yarn like the pattern calls for.

Changes to the pattern that I made include: using an H hook instead of G, chaining 2 instead of 1 between the dcs in the non-decrease set up rounds.  I also added an extra round of dc at the very end because the hole at the top of the hat was too big, but it totally looks fine and I just sewed it up!

I’ll try to write out a modified version of the pattern to post on this site for easier (and hopefully more understandable) access, so look for it soon!

I made a crocodile hat

I used this pattern to make this hat out of the crocodile stitch (which kinda looks like petals here), although I made some alterations to the pattern: I used dk yarn instead of worsted, and I think I paid for that mistake when the hat came out ALMOST too small for me to even put on (and my head is pretty small for an adult).  So next time I’d either use worsted or go up a hook size or two.  I also chained 2 between the set-up stitches almost the whole way, even though the pattern said I should just ch 1 (chaining 1 made it too small — you’ll understand if you try to make it).

So anyway, I will probably be trying this pattern again because it is pretty cute, but I will make some alterations to make it a more comfortable fit for myself.

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