don’t hate me

I don’t have any crochet to share with you today.  I know, I said I don’t like to do this (and it’s true), but I’ve got so much to share with you toady that I just can’t hold it all in!  So much has been going on!  There is yarny stuff, though, and other awesome things!

my non-yarn hobbies:

Friendship bracelets might seem like something for middle school girls at summer camp, but I still like them, and so do my friends!


The first one’s on me, the second on my boyfriend, and the third is in progress!

My next artsy thing is an impression of an impressionist (Monet), done by fingerpainting!

It’s less detailed than the original, of course, because I didn’t use a brush and I didn’t mix as many colors, but I think it turned out pretty cool looking.  My dog, above, was not impressed in the slightest.

the yarny stuff:

I know I showed you the knitted hat I made that was patterned after a hat Hermione wore in one of the “Harry Potter” movies.  I messed it up though, by skipping about 10 total rows throughout, so the hat was too short.  I’m doing it again, hopefully in time for my England trip this winter.  Here’s what I’ve got:

So far, so good.  It’s slow going though — it is knitting, after all.  I wish there was a crochet version!  I was trying to make one myself, but apparently I’m no good at complicated pattern writing, so there’s nothing to show for that.

Thanks for reading this post that was distinctly lacking in crocheted items!  I’m just excited to share other crafty things in my life with you.  I’ll get back to crochet asap, I promise.

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