a bazillion wips

Howdy, hookers! How have things been going with ya’ll? Surviving 2021 alright?

Things here haven’t changed much, to be honest. I’ve just got about twenty works-in-progress and figured I’d share just a few of them here!

First we’ve got this simple triangle granny shawl that I started just to use up this yarn that I bought years ago for a specific pattern that never panned out. It feels like it’s slow going.

Another item made with yarn I’ve had for years — this scarf, which will probably be way too short unless I buy more yarn or just join something completely different. The yarn itself is nice; it’s a merino/silk blend from Purl Soho.

This is my first attempt at something truly freeform and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised at what I’ve got so far. Trouble is I’m not sure what to do next. ideally it’ll be a shoulder wrap, but I’ve got a long way to go.

And finally, here’s a new piece that I started against my better judgment (I really should finish other projects before starting a new one). Made from sock yarn dyed in various BTS themed colorways by Hawari Bazaar, this will theoretically be a large wrap/throw blanket for my office, or maybe for home. Just basic stripes of sc.

Sorry I don’t have more interesting things to talk about. Ya’ll don’t wanna hear me complain about work, though, I promise, and I’m sure I’ve talked about K-pop enough on this crochet blog to last a few years already. I just wanted to share something with ya’ll so you know I’m still here and crafting. I’ve posted a couple times on my Instagram lately, actually, so find me there if you wanna see more stuff.

Please stay safe and healthy, and thanks so much for reading! See you at some unforseen date in the future!


  1. Good to hear from you, Hannah! Your WIP collection looks a lot like mine (one of the many reasons I follow your blog). A few knitted items here, several crocheted items there … but I must say I am truly digging the freeform piece–it’s gorgeous! (I haven’t been brave enough to try that.) Can’t wait to watch your progress or see all these items finished. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hellooo! Good to see that all is well with you and that you’re still crafty Hannah.
    Really like your free-form, I’ve had a go at it before but probably need a fancier yarn like yours. Then it would show up the stitches and look more attractive.
    What’s the yellow stitch that makes it look like the lines are vertical sections, in between the yellow knit stitch? The yellow piece could be a solid colour block scarf.

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    • Hiiii, good to hear from you! And thank you! ^^ The yarn I’m using for the freeform thing is actually Red Heart Unforfettable, which I was pleased to find for a good price! With the yellow scarf thing, the stitch that makes the piece look like it’s in sections is just a purl stitch! So each row is the exact same, knit stitches stacked on top of each other and purl stitches stacked on top of each other!

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  3. It is so nice to hear from you! And to see what you have been stitching. All wonderful projects. I love the interesting look of your shoulder wrap! It is looking so beautiful. I look forward to seeing more on this one and your other projects, too. I will try to find you on instagram.


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