i’m back, sort of?

Hello everyone! It’s been ages. I wanted to come back and do at least a bit of more casual blogging, so here I am. Since I’ve been gone so long I’ll do my best to get to all of the questions and comments that have been left in my absence, so please be patient with me. 🙂

Very quick life update: working as a counselor at a psychiatric hospital, going through the latter stages of divorce, living alone and loving it, found some new things to obsess over (I won’t even tell you here — it’ll all become evident quickly enough), made some friends, still doing kung fu, have a knitting/crochet group at work that I love going to, getting in some self discovery. It is what it is for now, so on to the yarny things!

I’m knitting a hat for someone I work with who is going up to New England over the holidays but doesn’t have a good hat. I’m making up the pattern, but I’m keeping track of what I’m doing so I can share it when it’s complete. Right now it just looks like a mess:

That provisional cast on was one of the easier ones I’ve tried: check it out here.

Yarn is Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca, which is THE softest yarn I’ve ever tried. Like, it’s hard to keep the first slip knot tight, it’s so smooth. I love it!!

I also just ordered a TON of yarn for 2 (TWO!!!) crochet blankets, so I can’t wait for those to arrive.

Well that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll see you soon! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Glad you’re back


  2. Peace, blessings& Faith. One day at a time.


  3. Hi!!! Welcome back!! I have missed your posts, but I do know how life gets in the way of blogging. I am so sorry to hear about your divorce. I do hope that you have the wonderful support of family and friends to help you get through.

    I look forward to seeing more of your hat. So sweet of you to make if for your friend. I will have to check that yarn out. It may have been one I skipped over, thinking it was not a soft yarn.

    Again, I am glad to see you blogging again. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.


    • Thank you! I’m clearly not doing a good job of posting on any kind of schedule, but it’s great to hear from you! I’d definitely recommend that yarn — it’s one of my favorites! Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the completed hat, but it wasn’t quite right anyway — it was slightly too small. 😦 I’ve been doing really well though, all things considered. How have you been? I hope you’re staying safe and healthy.


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