“Design Your Own Crochet Projects” book review and giveaway!

Hello everyone!  I have something really cool to share with you today, I hope you like it!

Design Your Own Crochet Projects

about the book:

This is a new book that came out in October of this year, and it’s unlike any crochet book I’ve seen before because it takes the guesswork out of designing your own items without limiting you to any specific yarn weight, stitch pattern, or item size.  When they say “Magic Formulas for Creating Custom Scarves, Cowls, Hats, Socks, Mittens, and Gloves,” they ain’t kiddin’!

In the introduction of the book, the author Sara Delaney (click here for her Ravelry page) reviews guidelines for choosing yarns for your projects, and even though I know a good bit about different fibers simply due to how long I’ve been crocheting and knitting I still find this section useful as a reminder of not only how different fibers act (protein vs. cellulose vs. manmade, etc.) but also how the yarn construction (roving vs. plied vs. constructed) and weight effect your projects.  The introduction also emphasizes the importance of the gauge swatch — I know, I know, I don’t like making gauge swatches either, but it does take the guesswork out of things and saves you time in the end.  Sara goes on to explain how to create a swatch properly and what to look for in your swatch.

An entire chapter is devoted to each type of item the book discusses (scarves, cowls, hats — both bottom-up and top-down, fingerless mitts, mittens, gloves, and socks — both cuff-down and toe-up).  Each chapter has standard measurements for the item and useful instructions on how to measure a person properly for the item.  The super cool part of each chapter, though, are the pages you are allowed to photocopy and fill in yourself to keep all of your measurements and information organized.  First, there’s the basic data that includes all the measurements you’ll need to plug in to the formulas:

Then, using those measurements, the book tells you exactly how to calculate the yardage you’ll need:

The book then provides a pattern formula as well as an extended pattern formula for when you are making a pattern with specific stitch multiple requirements (they really thought of everything):

And last but not least there’s a pattern template.  I like this because it has everything you may need to replicate the pattern again later if you want to, instead of having to borrow the gift you gave to someone and squint at it for hours to try and figure out how you made it the first time.  It keeps everything on one handy page:

Sara also included some pre-made patterns in the book, and she goes so far as to show the worksheets above filled out for the patterns so you can see how it all comes together.  These are great examples of how good patterns are made!

This isn’t all there is to the book, though.  There’s a stitch dictionary at the end with gorgeous stitch patterns to get your creativity flowing, and there’s also AN ONLINE CALCULATOR.  You know, in case you don’t want to write everything out or aren’t too confident in your own math skills (like me).  I love this feature.  While the calculator includes all of the formulas you’ll need to make an awesome pattern, obviously it doesn’t cover everything there is to learn in the book so I’d still recommend having the book itself, but I really like that the calculator largely reduces the possibility of human error.

my thoughts:

Obviously, I like this book and the online calculator.  I’m already using it to help me plan out pattern ideas and it’s taking a lot of the frustration out.  It’s worth noting that it uses US terms.  Another really cool thing about this book: the formulas work for making knitting patterns, too!  I don’t know if Sara intended the book to be used for knitting in addition to crochet or not, but it’s equally helpful.  Like for realsies, this book has everything you need and I’m so glad I have it.  Click here for the book’s Ravelry page.


And now for the giveaway part!  This particular giveaway is open only to US residents (but many of the other giveaways I hold are open worldwide).  A lucky winner will receive their own free copy of Sara Delaney’s “Design Your Own Crochet Projects” and all you have to do is comment below with your name and the State you live in (one entry per person please)!  I’d also be grateful if you subscribed to this blog.  Winner will be chosen by a Random Number Generator on Monday, November 13th.  If chosen you will receive an email from me requesting your mailing address; make sure you check your inboxes because after 24 hours I will draw again if I receive no response!  Winner will be announced as soon as one has been confirmed!  Good luck everyone!

Please note that while Storey Publishing did provide me with my own copy of this book as well as the giveaway copy, the thoughts and opinions shared are genuine and entirely my own.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!



  1. Just having started to design crochet patterns, this book sounds like i NEED to have it. Living in Connecticut btw


  2. What a lovely idea. The book, in addition to being an inspiration, looks like it could also help with keeping a record/history of my work.


  3. Cecelia Remedios says:

    Looking forward to a WIN!!!





  5. Susan silverthorn says:

    Would to have this book.


  6. Helen King says:

    Helen King, Illinois.


  7. Book sounds fabulous! Thank you for writing about it. Debbie D Calfornia


  8. Tatem, Massachusetts.


  9. Bonnie McEachern says:

    Sounds like a great book!
    Bonnie McEachern, Massachusetts

    (I already subscribe 😀 )


  10. Cece Bercier, Oregon


  11. I have lots of ideas, but I always stumble over writing the patterns for use by others. I’d love a book like this to guide and help motivate me.


  12. Karen Alvarez says:

    I am new to your website but it’s the first one I open everyday. I like how your are interested in all things handmade. I too am a sewer, crocheter, beginner knitter and wanna be quiltmaker. I know your website and daily articles will help me increase my knowledge.
    Thank you for doing what you do.


  13. Kimberly Moore says:

    I had this on my wish list, now I can’t wait to order it. Thanks for the helpful review.


  14. Jess D, Pennsylvania
    i_love_books at aol dot com


  15. Ginny from Michigan 🙂


  16. I would love to have a book like this, thanks.


  17. Claudia Murray says:

    Great idea! Claudia Murray from California


  18. Erica Wyatt says:

    Erica from Humble, Texas.


  19. susanne, Texas


  20. California says:

    It would be great to start designing and this book sounds like a got to have.


  21. Elizabeth Merz says:

    Elizabeth Merz from Louisiana


  22. Sarah Lawson says:

    Sarah from Illinois. I’m a subscriber too. Love your site!


  23. Louisiana and I already subscribe to your blog. Thanks!


  24. Nicole Saa, Florida


  25. Theresa Faria says:

    Wow! Theresa Faria, reno Nevada


  26. Peg Stoltzfus says:

    Peg Stoltzfus. Denton Tx. Your book sounds so Great. I will loose a couple nights sleep I am sure. I want to read Cicero to cover! I want to learn some of what you know.


  27. Wanda Stoute says:

    Wanda Stoute – Louisiana
    I would love & appreciate this book!


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