it’s our 1st wedding anniversary!


Can’t believe it’s already been a year!  Seems like the time’s flown by.  At the same time it also feels like we’ve been married forever.  Weird.


I also loved that Izumi wrap I made, but I haven’t worn it since!  It’s staying safe and folded in a box, even though it would make a great scarf!

If all goes as planned I’m taking my husband out to eat at our favorite restaurant tonight and I’ve got some paper stuff I’ve made for him as well.  I’m excited!

Well that’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!  Back to our regularly scheduled program next time!


  1. Congratulations


  2. Happy First Anniversary! May you celebrate many more together!!❤️


  3. Linda McNally says:

    You were certainly a beautiful, glowing bride. I absolutely adore your wedding dress… and the groom was looking pretty handsome too. My husband and I had our 46th in July; may your marriage be as long and happy as ours has been. Happy First Anniversary to you both!!


  4. Congratulations!! You look wonderful! 🙂


  5. Happy anniversary! You made a beautiful bride. The wrap was the perfect touch to your dress. You should get it out an wear it often. It is too beautiful to be tucked away.


  6. Happy anniversary!


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