it has begun.

Christmas.  It is time.  I’ve been wanting some crochet projects to do but didn’t have enough to do something big like a blanket, so I figured I’d just make some African flower motif potholders out of my drawer of Berroco Vintage & Vintage Chunky.


I started with 10 yellow centers and continued working them at the same time.


Before long they had their little khaki/tan borders (and I literally had about 6″ left of yarn — that was a close call)!


The dark ones are purple, even if they look almost black in the photos.


I love African flower motifs — they’re fun and easy to make.  With this chunky yarn and a J hook it feels like they’re just flying by, too!


This was my first one and I ran out of the light blue to do the ruffly border called for, at least in that ball.  I have more, I was just too lazy to attach it & continue on.  I might do it anyway though because the ruffle just makes them look a little more finished:


I completed both of those today & I don’t plan on stopping there.  More are on the way!

And if you’d like to see some different shots & some videos check my blog Instagram (and if you want to check out the adorable office bunny that is making a home under my desk, check out my personal Instagram too).

Well that’s all for now!  Gotta get back to crocheting!  I actually had a really bad day so I’m doing my best to keep busy, and this does the trick.  Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


  1. nicolaknits says:

    I love African flower motifs. I have plans to do something with them – some day. I think they are so pretty.


  2. No!!! I am not ready to start thinking about Christmas. But I guess if I want to get some things made, now is the time to start thinking, planning and executing. Ugh! Love the crochet flowers made into the hexagons. So cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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