Arlequin Shawl: begin!

Since I couldn’t decide what to do with that lovely sport weight yarn,  I started working on the Arlequin Shawl, a free downloadable knitting pattern.  I’m using the same brand of yarn called for in the pattern, Lily Neige, and even the same colorway, Bonbon Arlequin.  However, my yarn is not quite the same as the one in the pattern photos:

not your average crochet -  arlequin shawl

It’s variegated, not a long gradient.  The long gradient version is lovely but it wasn’t in stock back when I ordered this.  This is Lily Neige Single Fingering Alpaga & Soie: 90% baby alpaca, 10% silk.  And oh. my. gosh.  This stuff is so soft!  It’s creating a delicious fabric:

not your average crochet -  arlequin shawl

My stitches look to be a little looser than the pattern sample, but I like it the way it is so I’m not bothering to go down a needle size.  The fabric is so soft and drapey, it’s incredible.  The yarn is starting to pool, as you can see, but I don’t even care about that, it just adds interest!  The texture is great too.  I’m just loving everything about it.  Here’s a closeup:

not your average crochet -  arlequin shawl

I’ve never knitted a shawl sideways like this before, but so far I’m enjoying it.  It’s working up quickly, although I suspect that will not be the case for much longer once the rows get wider.  It’s such a delight to knit, though, that I don’t think I’ll even mind that.  I got 2 skeins just in case, each being 425m/100g.  One might do the trick, but if not I’ll be able to make it exactly the size I want and still probably have enough leftover to make a cute hat or something!

Well, that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!


  1. Carol D says:

    With a blog name like “Not Your Average Crochet” I’m a bit surprised to find so many knitting patterns. It does seem to be coming along nicely. But those of us who CROCHET – and don’t knit – may find a bit less interest in this.
    Seems like too many of my favorite crochet bloggers are suddenly turning to knitting instead of crochet. I’ve tried knitting, but do not enjoy it. when I sit down to crochet, it’s because I CANNOT do physical work around the house that I’d like to do – due to severe back injuries. So Crochet is my “go to” when i can’t do the work I want to do – but can still feel busy….and like I’m not completely wasting my life! But knitting did not do that for me. so all of you out fhere in crochet blogland have helped me more than you could possibly know!

    Guess I’ll have to stay tuned and observe til you post another crochet pattern.. Meanwhile keep doing what you’re doing. As long as YOU enjoy it – it’s great!
    I look forward to seeing your completed project. And will check out some of the crochet patterns found in link above.

    Just thanks for all!


    • I started out just crocheting and didn’t get into knitting for years after that, hence the blog name; it was created during that time when I didn’t even think I wanted to learn to knit. Once I started getting into knitting however, I realized that there are things that knitting can do that crochet can not, and things that crochet can do that knitting can not, so I will always love and use both. I understand that knitted projects might not have the same draw as crochet for those people out there who are just on the crochet side, but I do try to balance what I do. For example, I’m currently searching for a perfect crochet shawl pattern to start (and I’ve got a few ideas)! I’m also thinking of doing a Christmas CAL but I’m not sure about that yet. I hope you enjoy the crochet patterns! 🙂


  2. Hi Hannah
    I LOVE the yarn and the pattern you’ve chosen. Please keep posting on your progress. Question about ordering the yarn. I tried placing an order but could not get past the address section because I could not enter my state of Florida. How did you order the yarn?
    Thank you for your help.


    • Really? Hmm, I had no problem entering any of my info. I used Safari on my MacBook, so if you’ve got a different browser that could maybe have something to do with it. If it continues to not work, send her a direct message explaining what’s happening. She’s very nice and accommodating to her customers!


  3. Beautiful yarn! I love how it is knitting up. So pretty. I have never knitted a shawl on the diagonal either…wait, I haven’t even completed a shawl yet, ha! LOL If I ever get the 2 I started finished and one more in the que, I would like to knit one sideways. Looks awesome!


    • Hehe well be prepared for what starts out seeming like a fast project but quickly turns into the exact opposite once you get to the long rows. It’s still really fun though!



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