busy hands: cacti trio #2 & more!

My coworker friend really liked the cacti trio that I took and put in my office:

not your average crochet - office cacti

And she commissioned me to make her a trio for her office!  So here’s her trio:

not your average crochet - cacti trio 2

You can see that I made an exact same barrel cactus, but the other two are different:

not your average crochet - cactus

This cactus with purple flowers doesn’t have a pattern specifically, I just used the techniques from the barrel cactus pattern and added the little flowers.

not your average crochet - succulent

This little succulent does have a free pattern (click here), although I added more petals than the pattern says.

I think my coworker’s trio turned out super cute!  I do apologize for the photos being a bit blurry — they had to be taken late at night so that I could take them to work in the  morning.

I’ve also made a dragon egg dice bag for my husband, who plays a couple of games that require irregular die:

not your average crochet - dragon egg dice bag

As you can see it uses the crocodile stitch that is so popular right now for those mermaid tail blankets, and let me tell you, this stitch is a wool eater!  I just used cheap Red Heart that I had lying around for amigurumi figurines.  When you cinch the drawstring it begins to look like an actual egg, even like the ones from Game of Thrones:

not your average crochet - dragon egg dice bag

It’s a tad misshapen here because it’s laying on its side and isn’t cinched up all the way, but you get the idea.  I think it turned out pretty well!

I’m still working on a couple of things that I will share soon, as well; I’ve had busy hands!  Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


  1. Jane Miller says:

    Love your work…it is fantastic!


  2. Reblogged this on adornosmalulu.


  3. They are so refreshing on the shelves !


  4. I love crochet succulents at the moment. Yours are really good!


  5. Gorgeous! I love the cacti trio. They’d be great for me, I could kill a plastic daffodil… 😉


  6. gentlestitches says:

    As you know I love your cacti. I seriously believe the brain will be energized in the work place by them. The dice bag.? BRILLIANT! Thank you for the tip that croc stitch is a yarn eater. When I try it I will ensure I have plenty of yarn. 😄


  7. The cacti are adorable! Just the type of plant I need 😉 LOVE the dice bag!! I should look into making a few as I know several people that play those dice games. It is a really cute bag and I have not tried the crocodile stitch.


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