a new book and… yarn

*shame face* I broke my resolution to not buy yarn already.  Well, sort of; I said I wouldn’t buy any unless I was commissioned, which I was, but I still feel bad.  Gonna do a 5th Chunky Circle Scarf for a coworker, and she wants a giant one!  It’s gonna be fun.  Got some Berroco Vintage in Smoke for it.

And I never said anything about not getting books, so I don’t feel so bad about this:


There are lots of cute things in here and it really sparks the imagination.  Can’t wait to do some pixel crochet!  Chris will love video game themed items.


  1. Do you make the chunky circle scarf with two strands together? I might have to make that one! It is pretty!


    • Yes, 2 strands of worsted weight yarn at the same time. It takes twice the yardage but it’s all the more cushy and warm for it! The pattern says you can instead use 1 strand of chunky yarn if you wish, but I’ve tried that and the finished product was too small.


  2. nicolaknits says:

    Well, that’s another pattern added to my ravelry queue! Looks lovely.


  3. Reblogged this on adornosmalulu.


  4. hi, i just followed your blog. Love your posts. As it happens i also just nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” 😉


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