Christmas goodies!

Did you get any crochet or knitting goodies for Christmas?

My awesome mother-in-law got me some really cool stitch markers from Miss Babs:


And my mom got me some Knitter’s Pride Karbonz 6″ DPNs in US sizes 4, 5, & 6:


I’m really excited to try everything with the yarn that I bought online in these post-Christmas sales!  Have you ever tried the Karbonz needles?  I’ve heard such good things about them — they seem to be some of the best available by what I’ve heard!


  1. I love Karbonz! Though over here the brand name is Knit Pro. 😏


  2. Lucky girl! Yes I’ve use the Knit Pro Karbonz needles 😊 Very nice… I have double pointed and circular and found that the screw threads on the circular are a bit iffy but still nice to use. Enjoy!


  3. Lucky girl! Yes I have Knit Pro Karbonz double pointed and circular needles… Very nice 😊! The screw threads can be a little iffy on the circular needles but still very nice to use. Enjoy!


  4. Oh, I ADORE your stitch markers!

    I got a set of gorgeous Tunisian crochet hooks, and a Star Wars amigurumi set…

    I’ve also won 75€ worth of yarn at a contest some days before Christmas… so this really complements my gifts nicely. Can’t wait to get started on yet MORE WIPs… lol!

    Love your blog, btw. Been silently reading for quite a while.

    Cheers from the Crochetophile. 🙂


  5. Happy New Year! I love your new stitch markers! They are very cool looking. I have not tried the Carbonz needles, though the last shop I visited said they were the best. I am kind of stuck on the Knitpicks wooden needles. I do love the sharp points that they have. And the painted marble look of them is so nice to look at. You will have to let us know how the carbonz work out. I received a yarn bowl from a dear friend. My first one and it is looks like a sheep. So cute. My wonderful hubby gave me a Wii U with Yoshi’s Wooly World (I consider that a stitchy goody since everything is stitchy in his world 😉 I am addicted!


    • Your yarn bowl sounds awesome, and that’s so cool that you got Yoshi’s Wooly World! My hubby’s been playing with me (he has lots of patience for my beginner’s video game skills), and he just sighs every time I squeal that something is super-cute. 🙂


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