fun containers (yes, containers)!

How do you store your crochet and knitting stuff?  I like the practical but I also really love the unusual, especially combined with sentimental, and that perfectly describes what I keep [some of] my hooks in next to my armchair:

new header image

It’s an old plant frog, I think they’re called, and it’s made by Camark (a now closed pottery company in Camden, Arkansas, where a family member of mine used to work).  It’s special to me and I’m so happy that I can use it for something I love!  The mug to the left was my grandmother’s, so there’s lots to love in this picture for me (that’s why I made it the new header image for this site a few weeks ago!).

I do use a more practical zippered pencil pouch and a zippered knitting needle pouch for projects on the go, as well as a little tin with my needles and some stitch markers, but this is so much cuter at home and really adds some personality to my storage, hehe.

What do you use to store your stuff?  Do you have any neat containers of your own?

That’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I use the plain old zip up pouches for my needles and hooks. I don’t usually leave my things out except for what I am using. I would like to get a yarn bowl some day as those are pretty neat containers for yarn. Just haven’t found “the one” yet.


  2. I use old zip up bag for crochet needles. Always looking for something better.


  3. I filled a quart-sized mason jar with part of my grandma’s button collection. (I have happy memories of playing with them at her feet while she sewed.) I stick my knitting and crochet needles in the button jar, which makes a great holder. Our children just gave me a small, wooden yarn bowl for my birthday. It spoiled the cat’s fun but it’s really handy. My husband wants to make a larger one for me, then I’ll enjoy the smaller one when we travel in our camper.


  4. Your post and Rainbow Hare Quilts’ gave me a topic on which to write a blog.
    Your ‘as-we-go’ stripey blanket is definitely on my to-do list.


  5. Recently started following your blog.
    Today’s post and Rainbow Hare quilts’ Wool on Sunday’ prompted my post.
    Your stripey blanket is definitely on my to do list.


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