snowbelle trapper hat: ta-da!

This took one evening to complete, but I had more issues with the pattern that I would have expected for something that was $5.  The pattern was easy enough that I probably could have figured it out without purchasing, and the hat is too small.  I ripped it out and added more increase rows at the beginning but it was still too small and I had to block it.  First hat I’ve ever had to block.

snowbelle trapper hat

I like the pom-pom though — I finally bought some plastic pom-pom makers after all these years of knitting & crocheting, and I love it!  Gonna wanna put pom-poms on everything.  🙂

There’s some other stuff I’m working on too but I’m getting married in less than a month, so planning is in full swing and there have already been a few times I’ve wanted to post something but just didn’t have the energy (like posting takes energy…).

Well, that’s all for tonight, thanks for stopping by!


  1. How exciting to be planning your wedding, we are planning one too but not until July 2016, and I feel a bit pressured! Love the hat, it was certainly worth the frogging and perseverance.


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