a crochet cushion: begin!

Not sure whether to call these bobbles or puffs, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and had to make my own richly textured fabric:

Bobble cushion
It’s fun to work but it is a bit time consuming and takes a LOT of yarn.  Was gonna make a cushion cover with this, then realized I might not have enough of this color to complete the square!  Fortunately I have a similar color that will completment it nicely if I have to make it two-toned.

crochet bobbles

Well that’s all for right now, thanks for stopping by!  I’ll update again soon!


  1. It looks great though I see what you mean about it using a lot of yarn!


  2. KnickerKnacker says:

    Can’t wait to see finished piece. Will you share your pattern with all of us? Hope so.


  3. This is really beautiful! Could you please give instructions, and include the kind of yarn you used, and what size hook? I made your As-You-Go-Stripey Blanket for my daughter. It’s my favorite piece I’ve made so far, and I’ve made LOT of items! Thank you so much for that pattern!

    Melissa Passini


  4. Love the look and texture of these crocheted bobbles. I may have to try that out.


  5. Love this! It looks so pretty! Can’t wait to see the finished cushion 🙂


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