gentille #2: blocking!

Already!  Even though this is a fingering weight yarn this pattern seems to fly by!  I love it!  Here it is pre-wetting:

gentille cowl pre-blocking

I decided to block before grafting the edges together so that I can lay the whole thing flat without having multiple layers of fabric.

gentille blocking

The color is hard to get right seeing as how these photos were taken at night in a room with halogen lightbulbs (not to mention the yarn was wet).  It’s not quite this green, but you can see the lace pattern nicely here:


Someday I’ll do this in a solid color, but I love this KnitPicks yarn so much and it really looks neat; the colors pooled nicely like they did in my first Gentille cowl.  Once it’s dry and stitched up I’ll share the finished product!

Thanks for stopping by, that’s all for today!  See you soon!


  1. Beautiful yarn and lacework. 🙂 I love your blocking ingenuity using the kid’s play mat lock together blocks!!! I would have never ever thought of that! I need to find some of those blocks now….any suggestions? All I keep finding are multicolored sets with alphabet pop out letters.


    • Thank you! I wish I could claim credit for the blocking mats, but I got the idea from someone else and went over to to purchase some (although I have a feeling Toys ‘R’ Us might have had some for a better price). 🙂

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  2. nicolaknits says:

    That’s beautiful!


  3. Beautiful colors. Can’t wait to see the finished work!


  4. BEAUTIFUL! The lacework is gorgeous and the colors are magnificent! Will have to check that yarn out. I have to say, I am not a blocker 😦 I don’t think I have ever blocked anything like what you did. Is that something you will have to do every time you wash it?


    • Thank you! You should definitely try the yarn, I’d love to know what you think! I don’t think blocking has to occur every time you wash an item like this, but every few washes I’ve heard it’s good to reshape it with a light blocking.


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