Giftie Slouchie Beanie #4

With a number 4, you can probably guess that this is a great knit hat to make. And with a name like Giftie Slouchie Beanie it’s pretty easy to infer that this particular hat is great for gifts.

It’s great for gifts for a few reasons: it uses chunky yarn and bigger needles so you can make it quickly; it looks difficult even though it’s not that hard; it’s very stretchy so it can fit almost any adult head. In fact, all of my versions of this have been gifted to men I know for these reasons!

This one in particular is going to my uncle. He’s starting chemo this week (in fact it could have already started by now), and he’ll be in the hospital for a few weeks at least. I’m worried about him of course, but he’s got such a great positive attitude and I know that that can make all the difference in the world! The doctors said he’d almost certainly lose his hair, though, and since hospitals are often very cold anyway and it’ll be late October-ish when he gets out, I figured a hat would be a nice gift that says that I care and am thinking about him. The great thing is, he doesn’t even know that I knit and crochet, so it’ll be a surprise! I’ll try to mail it within the next couple of days so that he’ll get it ASAP and can start using it! Hopefully he’ll like it!

Here’s a close-up of the stitches:

For some reason it was hard to get the color of the hat right in the photos — it’s a slightly dark teal (and I almost forgot to mention it’s Berroco Vintage Chunky — a soft wool blend).

Well, that’s it for today. I’d paused on the Paulie cardi and the garter stitch blanket to work on this but updates on either one of those should be coming in the near future. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. It looks great – perfect for Christmas gifts (which I must start making soon…)


  2. hi couls you please let me have a crochet slouchy hat
    thank you you very much
    happy new year {israel]


  3. A lovely thoughtful gift. Hope your Uncle’s treatment goes well! x


  4. Kristan Tiller says:

    I hope your uncle fairs well in treatment. My great aunt went through treatment just fine with only a little sickness at the beginning and no loosing of any of the precious grays. It is possible that your uncle will do the same. To this effect and more, I’m sending good vibes his way. p.s. That yarn is gorgeous. 🙂


  5. Love this hat, looks so warm and the weather is on the turn here in the uk now so timing is just right.


  6. Praying for your uncle and that’s a lovely gift.


  7. Best wishes to your uncle. I hope his treatment is smooth and he enjoys his new beanie 🙂


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