4 tips for making baby shower gifts

baby hat

Above is a gift I gave to my coworker at the last baby shower I attended.  This weekend I’m going to another baby shower, and I’m trying to narrow down options for an appropriate gift.  I’ve got some tips to help:

  1. Use cheap yarn.  Baby things can get messed up.
  2. Use yarn that’s soft enough for a baby’s skin.  This might mean counting out your favorite wool, even if it feels soft to you.
  3. Use yarn that is both machine washable and dryable.  This will help busy moms clean your gift easily, meaning your gift is more likely to get used if the mom isn’t worrying about getting it dirty.
  4. If you want to use a natural fiber, try cotton or bamboo.  They’ll keep the baby warm if you’re making something wearable but they will still breathe, keeping the items from being too hot.

With these tips in mind, I’ve found a few items in my house that are already complete and waiting to be gifted to a soon-to-be mom.  The first is made of Stylecraft Special DK leftovers from a previous blanket (100% acrylic):

baby blanket 1The second is also acrylic (maybe Caron Simply Soft?) and has been around for a couple of years:

baby blanket 2Both of these blankets are soft, made of acrylic, and machine washable and dryable.  Since I’m not sure if I’ll have time to make something else, it’s a choice between the two, but the 4 tips apply to almost anything you want to knit/crochet for a baby.

What are your favorite things to make for babies?

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!



  1. I like the top blanket. I have been making my baby blankets in bright colors. Mom can point out the colors and talk about them when they get older. They seem to be used longer because they don’t scream baby either.


  2. Sally Welch says:

    I love your baby afghans and agree with you about the fiber content. Having been a pediatric nurse, mother, and grandmother for many years, I think the tighter crocheted pattern with no “holes” are best for little ones because their tiny fingers can get caught in the openings.
    Just my two cents,


  3. Thanks for the Tips. Never crossed in my mind before >.<


  4. I too love all of the blankets, particularly the second. I’m not the biggest fan of granny squares because they can look a bit to traditional but the border and colours really bring it out!


  5. The top blanket looks cute! These kind of gifts are such an amazing thing to receive at baby showers. I can now imagine the reaction of the mom-to-be when she sees this in her gift basket.



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