a new project

I do believe I’m starting something new, thanks to Simply Crochet’s new app for iPhone/iPad (they might have it for other platforms too, but I’m not sure).


That’s a screenshot from my iPad and as you can see, there is already a basic pattern up. Every week there will be a new granny square pattern (not sure for how many weeks) and it includes a list of materials, the pattern, and a nice big chart for your crocheting convenience. Oh and did I mention it’s free? I think I’m going to do this and connect the squares as I go to make a blanket/throw… or maybe I should connect them all at the end since we don’t know how many there will be…
I am in no way sponsored to say these things to promote the app — I just thought it’s pretty cool! And since there’s just one pattern up so far there’s still time to hop on board if you want to!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. koba kotze says:

    I want to receive the granny squares a week thank you


  2. This is a great idea! I may have to *borrow* James’s iPad! hehe


  3. This looks like fun. I’m going to try it. πŸ™‚


  4. Cool! Thanks, am downloading it for iPhone right now πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!


  5. nicolaknits says:

    I have downloaded the app and I’m looking forward to seeing the granny squares each week. Thanks for mentioning it.


  6. Thanks for the tip off, I will download it this weekend and join in.


  7. Thanks. I look forward to your upcoming granny blocks.


  8. Thank you. It may be my Comcast server, which has changed all things again, but the picture and printing came through tiny and blurred.



  1. […] my last post I wrote about the Granny Square app by Simply Crochet, in which they are publishing a free granny […]


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