PDF pattern for the CAL blanket available!

As requested by a few people, I have made a PDF version of the as-we-go stripey blanket!  This version does not include the step-by-step photos — it is meant to be printer-friendly.  Hopefully soon I will get the chance to make a PDF that does include the photos, as well.

click here for PDF pattern




  1. Thank you Hannah! By the way – is this a new header? I really love the writing!! It’s beautiful. Would you happen to know the fonts name? Have a good week in your new home.


    • Thanks! It sure is! The font is called Bombshell Pro. It has all kinds of beautiful glyphs and alternate letters, but it does cost money. The same person who made that font also made Jaques & Gilles, which is very popular at the moment (but also costs money).


  2. Hej Hannah
    Thank you for allowing me to make a very beautiful carpet
    Hugs from Helle from Denmark


  3. Excellent idea Hannah, I’ll definitely be printing one. Thanks.


  4. Isabel Serro says:

    What a great idea to make a pdf. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    LOVE your work. Congratulations!!
    Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal


  5. Thank you very much! Sooooooo beautiful!


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