CAL pattern page is up

Thanks again to everyone who has watched and participated throughout not your average crochet’s first crochet along!  I have compiled all the posts into one page for your convenience.  To access this page, you can go to the menu bar: tutorials >> crochet tutorials >> patterns >> as-we-go stripey blanket.  You can also click on the button in the sidebar to the right that says “as-we-go stripey blanket free pattern.”  You can also

click here

I hope you have all enjoyed it, and don’t forget to email me pictures when you are done so that I can start that gallery!  Please include your preferred name if you want it to be included with your picture.  Send the largest version you have to davish14 AT winthrop DOT edu   Please do not hesitate to use that e-mail address or to comment here if you see any problems or mistakes in the pattern page, or if you have any questions!

Hopefully you will all stick around now that the CAL is over — I do plan on having a giveaway soon in addition to my regular knitting and crocheting posts!  I’m about to move to another city so it will probably be after that, but I promise it’s coming (and if you remember my last giveaway you’ll know it won’t be a small cheap gift)!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you back soon!


  1. Irene Porter says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. I have really looked forward to the new patterns each week. It has been so much better than just crocheting alone. Will post pic when I finish.


  2. Thank you so much for all this Hannah. I for one am definitely going to be using the pattern again.


  3. Thanks for this. I’ve not started this yet but hope to do so soon. It’s beautiful.


  4. Thank you so much running the CAL. I LOVED doing it each week. I’m definitely up for another one 😉


  5. Thank you for everything Hannah, will post a ‘completed’ pic when it’s done. In the meantime, I hope your move goes well and that you create lots of happy memories in your new home (including some ‘hooky’ ones).


  6. My cushion is finished have a look here -


  7. Thank you so much for running this tutorial CAL, I thoroughly enjoyed participating and will definitely come back and do it again. It must have been such a lot of work and you should know how much it is appreciated. Thanks again.


  8. denise daniel says:

    I started mine last week. I am almost finished with Week 2! I love it. The ladies in my quilting bee think it’s so cute! 😀


  9. I am looking forward to starting this!


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