CAL: week 17

Hello everyone!  Are you ready for week 17?  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it’s been long enough for my blanket to reach it’s intended size (actually it’s bigger than I’d intended).  It covers the top of a double bed and is completely square after finishing this week’s rows.  Definitely a large throw.  This means that I am finished with my blanket, excepting the border, which will have a post all it’s own very shortly for those who want instructions.  If your blanket is not the size you wish it to be at this point, by all means carry on.  At the end of this post there will be some suggestions for you that you can choose to follow if you like.

Well, let’s get started, remembering that we’re using US terms.  Last week we finished row 124:


row 125

With new color, hdc across.

row 126

With new color, dc across.

rows 127-129

With new colors, work the granny stripe pattern (original instructions here).

row 130

With new color, dc across.

row 131

With new color, hdc across.  Fasten off (if you are done with your blanket) and weave in your ends!




notes for those who wish to continue with their blankets

1. This last installment has 7 rows instead of 8, so be conscious of your right and wrong sides as you continue.

2. The way I chose the order of the stitch patterns was pretty random except for the bobble rows.  I tried to evenly space the bobble rows from each other, hoping that evenly spaced big bands of color would tie the whole thing together nicely.

3. If you would like to follow a specific pattern, I’d recommend going back, working row 8, and continuing from there.  That would be the first Catharine wheel row.  That should keep the bobble rows evenly spaced and will also keep your right and wrong sides correct.

about the next CAL post

There will be one last post about the border in a few days.  You can choose not to do a border at all, you can follow the instructions that I will have available for you, or you can choose to do your border completely differently than mine.  In whatever case, there will be some recommendations for border construction and pictures of my own border in the upcoming post, as well as my thanks, some extra CAL tidbits, and a question I will have for all of you.


Let’s take a look back at our inspiration.  The lovely blanket was made by Julie at Little Woolie, and I must say that I’m a bit embarrassed that my blanket came out so close to hers; despite some efforts I made at the beginning to make them different, they do look so alike, particularly at first glance.  I’m much relieved to say that she is OK with it all, because I did have some pangs of guilt there at the end.  However I’m very happy with my blanket and I really do mean this as a credit to Julie’s lovely work — she is an inspiration in many ways!  Please, however, if you pin that last picture to Pinterest be aware that it is not my blanket or picture and that credit should therefore not be given to me.  If you wish to pin her picture, please go here and do it from her page so that she can get the credit that she deserves.  I’ll appreciate it, and she will too!


  1. It looks fantastic Hannah. I’m going to try to get my cushion finished this weekend. But I definitely think I will be making a blanket sized one in future.


  2. Hannah, I have finished my blanket already as I only did a baby sized one but just wanted to pop by and say a huge, massive, gigantic THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful blanket pattern with us all. I am 100% sure I will revisit you time and again to do more of them. It has been great to join in and follow others in this shared project. Thanks again.


  3. Dear Hannah, I noticed that someone asked how you can keep count of the stitches with all the changing patterns. My solution is to use Clover locking markers. I have 240 stitches for my full-size bed blanket, and I have placed markers every 20 stitches. That makes it easy to count and not lose your place as you count. I keep moving the markers up every few rows and especially after a complicated pattern, to make sure I’m keeping to 240. If I find I’ve added a stitch or two on I just decrease a couple of times in the next row. I hope this is useful for some other folks struggling with this problem.


  4. Hi, Hannah:
    I just recently discovered your blog. I have purchased my yarn to begin the CAL afghan. I love yours! You are such an inspiration and a real sweetheart. From one counselor to another – bless you! I appreciate you. 😀


  5. Hi Hannah, I have followed with interest you blog, but I’m only just starting out with crochet and with this project. I have attempted the first Catherine Wheel a number of times. Did you use the same weight/ply yarn through the whole project and is there a you tube link for tutorial on Catherine Wheel? Thanks for a wonderful project .


    • I’m glad you’re joining in! Yes, the same weight of yarn was used throughout. Some people switched to a larger size hook for the Catharine wheel sections, though, because it does have a tendency to get tight and pull inward. I have not made any video tutorials on YouTube for the Catharine wheel but I’m sure there are some by other people. Keep in mind that some people make their Catharine wheels with 9 stitches in the wheel groups instead of 7, so some videos might show that. The method should be the same though. I hope that helps!


  6. Hannah, I have also noticed that in your Catherine Wheel instructions, it says dc in next 7 stitches to form a cluster of 7, but I usually end up with 7 dc but 8 stitches on my hook before I YO to complete cluster, Is this right?


  7. Thanks for all the work that’s gone into these posts. I’ll be continuing for a while yet but at least the pressure if off now to keep up.
    Looking forward to your next CAL 😉


  8. I can’t believe that the blanket is finished! It definitely did not seem like 17 weeks. It is awesome! Love all the colors and all the different crocheted rows. Great job!


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